Recommendations From ACP

ACP issued updated guidance for colorectal cancer screening for asymptomatic, average-risk adults that suggests starting screening at age 50. The guidance is based on a critical review of existing clinical guidelines and evidence reviews and modeling studies used to develop those guidelines. The guidance was published in Annals of Internal Medicine, along with an accompanying editorial, New American College of Physicians Guidance on Colorectal Cancer Screening: Less Is More.

In Preparing for Future Pandemics and Public Health Emergencies, ACP recommends what needs to be done to ensure the U.S. is in a strong position to mitigate the consequences of future pandemics, including calls for adequate funding that also prioritizes health equity.

In Modernizing the United States' Public Health Infrastructure, ACP issues new recommendations for the U.S. public health infrastructure with new policies on establishing federal public health leadership, protecting public health workers, reversing workforce shortages, and the need to integrate primary care and public health.

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