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Curriculum for Residents: Providing High Value Care

In 2010, the Institute of Medicine reported that approximately 30% of healthcare costs (more than $750 billion annually) is spent on wasted care, care that is potentially avoidable and would not negatively affect the quality of care if eliminated.

To bend that cost curve, we believe there is an opportunity to shape the habits of future physicians during their medical education experience.

To assist you and your faculty in that goal, we have developed six interactive one hour sessions based on actual patients and their hospital bills. For each of the modules, residents will be directed to use a five-step framework to help practice habits of high value, cost-conscious care.  Each session includes both a powerpoint presentation and a facilitator's guide that you can use to prepare for the session.

The modules were designed for flexibility so they could be easily incorporated into the existing conference structure of a residency program - morning report, noon conference, academic half day, or pre-clinic conference.

The topics covered are:

  • Eliminating Healthcare Waste and Over-ordering of Tests
  • Healthcare Costs and Payment Models
  • Utilizing Biostatistics in Diagnosis, Screening and Prevention
  • High Value Medication Prescribing
  • Overcoming Barriers to High Value Care
  • High Value Quality Improvement

For more information and a complete list of modules and authors read the curriculum overview.

Access the Curriculum

While the curriculum is free to members, we are requesting that anyone who would like to download the documents, please complete a registration form. You will only have to register once, if you are accessing the curriculum from the same computer.

If you have already completed the registration form, click here to access the curriculum.

More Information About the Curriculum

Daisy Smith, MD, FACP, ACP's Senior Medical Associate for Content Development, discusses "Teaching High Value Cost-Conscious Care to Residents: The AAIM-ACP Curriculum," published by Annals of Internal Medicine.

Featured Video: High Value Care Workshop: Less is More: Developing Your Faculty to Implement the High Value, Cost-conscious Care Curriculum


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