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As a benefit of membership in the ACP, you can view and print a transcript of your participation in CME activities.

ACP CME Transcript

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About the ACP CME Transcript

This transcript lists CME activities from the past 6 years, including:

State-specific CME

A number of states require CME credit in specific content areas for licensure renewal. In order to help physicians meet these requirements, a separate listing of activities that are related to state requirements is provided. The credit hours for activities listed on the State-specific Report are included in the total number of CME hours that appear on the full transcript. Visit ACP’s State CME Requirements tab on the Online Learning Center to learn more about your state’s licensure requirements.

To report credit

For online submissions

You should have submitted from within the online product or online form and received a confirmation message. Online CME submissions will be reflected in your transcript within a few hours to several days, depending upon the activity.

For paper form submissions

You should have completed the verification of participation document that was either distributed at a live event or included in an enduring material such as print MKSAP. These forms must be submitted to ACP for entry of credit into the transcript. (These forms are usually collected on-site at live meetings.) For print-based submissions, transcripts will be updated 6-8 weeks after receipt of documentation.

If you have any questions about your transcript, please contact us.