Measurement Science Resources

The American College of Physicians (ACP) is managing the distribution of many of the methodological documents created throughout the years by the measurement science and quality improvement programs of the PCPI Foundation (formerly known as the AMA-convened Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement). ACP is committed to continuing to advance the science of and best practices surrounding physician performance measurement.

Toward that end, ACP is making the following historical documents available to PCPI members at the time of dissolution. If you are interested in accessing them or would like additional information, please reach out to Sam Tierney at

White Papers from Past PCPI Advisory Committees, Work Groups, and Task Forces

  • Measure development protocol
  • Outcomes Ad Hoc Committee toolkit
  • Harmonization toolkit
  • Specification and categorization of measure exceptions: Recommendations to PCPI Work Groups
  • Proceedings from the National Summit on Overuse
  • Recommendations to PCPI Work Groups on outcome measures
  • Measure testing protocol for PCPI performance measures
  • Composite measures framework for PCPI Work Groups
  • The evidence base required for measures development
  • The linkage of quality of care assessment to cost of care assessment
  • Closing the referral loop toolkit

Other PCPI Working Documents

  • Measure development primer
  • Criteria for topic selection
  • Desirable attributes of performance measures

Training Materials

  • QI CME Workshop
  • Measurement Science Boot Camps
    • Measure Development
    • Measure Implementation
    • Measure Specification
    • Measure Testing


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