Hepatitis C: Hepatitis B Vaccination

INACTIVE REVIEW: This measure review is older than five years.

Percentage of patients aged 18 years and older with a diagnosis of hepatitis C who have received at least one injection of hepatitis B vaccine, or who have documented immunity to hepatitis B

Date Reviewed: July 26, 2014

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NQF 0400 CMS 184 NQF Endorsement Removed
Measure Type
Measure Steward
Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement
Clinical Topic Area
Hepatitis C

Care Setting
Data Source
Electronic Health Data
Electronic Health Records

ACP does not support PQRS 184: “Hepatitis C: Hepatitis B Vaccination” because the basis for the measure in the relevant ACIP guideline is ambiguous. While the guideline states that concurrent HBV and HCV infections may increase the chance of chronic liver disease, it also concludes that those with chronic liver disease are not at increased risk of HBV infection in the absence of plausible percutaneous or mucosal exposure. In the absence of a clear rationale, the measure does not contribute to the provision of high quality care.