Wyoming Governor's Newsletter February 2023

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Robert M. Monger, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Robert M. Monger, MD, FACP, ACP Governor


Governor's Message

I served as the Doctor of the Day for the Wyoming legislature last Thursday, and I was joined by three Wyoming WWAMI medical students, which was great. If you have never volunteered to be the Doc of the Day, it's organized through the Wyoming Medical Society and you spend the day at the capitol carrying around a medical aid backpack, hoping that no one gets sick! I am happy to report that on my day there were no emergencies, and I didn't open the backpack once.

One of the great things about being the Doc of the Day is that you get an ID badge that grants you backstage access around the capitol. For example, you can hang out in the back of the House and Senate chambers, where the public doesn't get to go, which affords you a great opportunity to have lots of spontaneous conversations with legislators. As a group, they are very appreciative of a doctor taking the time to volunteer to be at the capitol and many of them will stop and say hello. This year Representative Steve Harshman from Casper took our group on a great tour of the Capitol over the noon hour, including going up into the dome where we got to sign our names, which was super fun.

If you can find the time, I absolutely recommend volunteering to be the Doctor of the Day at the legislature. It's a fun and interesting day and is a great opportunity to develop relationships with legislators.

This year's National ACP Meeting will be held April 27-29 in sunny San Diego, and it looks to be amazing. Dr. Sierra Gross, our chapter's Governor elect, and I will be attending, and I hope that there will be many others from Wyoming there too. If you are planning on being there, please let me know and we'll organize a Wyoming social event or two.

Also, Dr. Gross and I are planning on attending the ACP 2023 Leadership Day May 23-24 in Washington D.C. and we'd love to have as many as possible of our chapter members join us there too. If you've never been to an ACP Leadership Day, it's a great way to hear from ACP's Washington staff about what's going on and to talk directly with our national representatives about issues important to physicians. Being from our small state, we often get to meet with our actual senators and representative. If you're interested in attending Leadership Day, please contact me and I'll fill you in on the details.

Many of you know that I am the Clinical Dean for the Wyoming WWAMI program, which means that I get to spend time with medical students on a regular basis, and I can tell you that there are a group of Wyoming medical students right now who are very interested in going into internal medicine. The 2023 Wyoming Medical Society Annual Meeting will be in Laramie at the Gateway Center September 15-16 and one idea that I've kicked around with the medical students is to organize a session during that meeting with members of our chapter where we can talk to students about a career in internal medicine. Stay tuned for more information, but if you're going to be at the WMS meeting this fall, I may ask you to come and meet with a group of medical students.

Thanks for being Wyoming ACP Chapter members and please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for our small but mighty organization!

Rob Monger, M.D., F.A.C.P.




Wyoming Chapter Awards

Michael D. Tracy, MD, FACP, has been named Laureate of the Wyoming Chapter. The Laureate Award honors Fellows and Masters of the College who have demonstrated by their example and conduct an abiding commitment to excellence in medical care, education, or research and in service to their community, their chapter, and ACP.


Robert Neuwirth, MD, FACP, recipient of the 2022 Wyoming Chapter Hospitalist of the Year Award


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Congratulations to Alicia Gray, MD, FACP



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As of February 2023, the financial reports for the Wyoming Chapter show an income of $7,165.50, expenses totaling $2,908.55 with a net income of $4,256.95 for this fiscal year and a bank balance of $44,599.24.

A detailed statement is available by contacting the Wyoming Chapter treasurer, Robert Stuart, MD FACP.



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