Doctor’s Dilemma Question Development Committee

The Doctor’s Dilemma® Question Development Committee writes and reviews questions for the national Doctor’s Dilemma Competition held at the annual ACP Internal Medicine Meeting. Each year, 50 teams of residents from around the world compete over three days, culminating in the championship round.  Committee members play an active role in fostering resident education by developing and refining questions across 11 knowledge areas of internal medicine.

Question writers work both individually and in collaborative teams.  Each team is assigned to develop questions within one or two knowledge areas of internal medicine.  Each member is responsible for generating 16 questions over a period of four months.  Members also review and polish questions developed by their teammates.  Each team will have an assigned peer leader.

Question writers and team leaders selected for the committee will be required to view the Doctor’s Dilemma Question Development Committee webinar and post comments to the ACP online committee forum.

Why Serve on the Doctors Dilemma Question Development Committee

  • Foster resident learning and knowledge in a friendly, competitive environment
  • Gain experience in honing question writing skills
  • Opportunity to work with colleagues across the country
  • Serve on a national committee (CV building opportunity)


Question writers:

  • Current ACP Member (not a member? Join now)
  • A minimum of two years post training
  • Commitment to serve two years as a question writer
  • Willingness to collaborate and communicate timely and effectively with team members and leaders
  • Ability to be concise in writing with strong grammar skills

Team leaders:

  • Current FACP or MACP Member
  • Commitment to serve two years as a team leader/question writer
  • Teaching background preferred
  • Detail orientated with strong communication, precise and concise writing ability, and solid grammar and mentoring skills
  • Experience managing and mentoring others with positive coaching feedback

Each committee member (including the team leader) will be responsible for creating a total of 16 questions over a period of 4 months. 

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