March 4, 2022

ACP Advocate

Advocacy Wins

Physicians Working in Public Service Positions May Qualify for Loan Forgiveness Program

After recent overhaul of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, ACP is encouraging members to determine whether they qualify.

Congressional News and Perspective

ACP Expresses Support for Legislation to Improve Mental Health in the US

Congress considering strategies to increase the mental health care workforce, modernize the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, and expand access to medication-assisted treatment of OUD.

Advocacy in Action

New ACP Toolkit Helps Members Tackle Period Poverty

Toolkit resources include information on period poverty and letters to advocate for sales tax-exempt status of menstrual hygiene products at the state and local levels.

In Case You Missed It

ACP successfully wraps up two COVID-19 misinformation and vaccine educational video series

The "Ask Your Internist" and "Physician to Physician Conversations" series were developed as a result of a partnership with YouTube, with the goal of presenting practical strategies for physicians and other health care professionals to address misinformation and build vaccine confidence as well as providing accurate medical information to patients from trusted physician messengers.

Since the debut of each series in November 2021 the videos have successfully:

  • Earned more than 400,000 views
  • Produced five of ACP YouTube Channel's 10 most watched videos in history
  • Increased ACP Channel subscriptions by more than 10%

Episodes of Ask Your Internist and Physician to Physician Conversations are available to watch on ACP's YouTube Channel, along with other ACP video content.


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