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Chairs of the Board of Regents


(For Chairpersons prior to 1981 see list of Presidents; Chair and Vice Chair were established as Board of Regents offices in 1981.)

1. 1981-82 Thomas F. Frawley, St. Louis, MO
2. 1982-83 Saul J. Farber, New York, NY
3. 1983-85 Francis J. Sweeney, Jr., Philadelphia, PA
4. 1985-86 Lawrence Scherr, New York, NY
5. 1986-88 Edwin P. Maynard, III, Boston, MA
6. 1988-89 Norton J. Greenberger, Kansas City, KS
7. 1989-91 Eugene A. Hildreth, Reading, PA
8. 1989-90 John A. Spittell, Rochester, MN
9. 1990-91 Arthur W. Feinberg, New York, NY
10. 1991-92 Paul F. Griner, Rochester, NY
11. 1992-94 Rolf M. Gunnar, Riverside, IL
12. 1994-95 James P. Nolan, Buffalo, NY
13. 1995-97 Jock Murray, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
14. 1997-98 Harold J. Fallon, Birmingham, AL
15. 1998-99 Robert B. Copeland, LaGrange, GA
16. 1999-00 David J. Gullen, Phoenix, AZ
17. 2000-01 Rowen K. Zetterman, Omaha, NE
18. 2001-02 Bernard M. Rosof, Great Neck, NY
19. 2002-03 Cecil B. Wilson, Winter Park, FL
20. 2003-04 Mary T. Herald, Westfield, NJ
21. 2004-05 Eric B. Larson, Seattle, WA
22. 2005-06 Donna E. Sweet, Wichita, KS
23. 2006-07 William E. Golden, Little Rock, AR
24. 2007-08 Joel S. Levine, Denver, CO
25. 2008-09 William B. Applegate, Winston-Salem, NC
26. 2009-10 Frederick E. Turton, Sarasota, FL
27. 2010-11 Robert G. Luke, Cincinnati, OH
28. 2011-12 Yul D. Ejnes, Cranston, RI
29. 2012-13 Phyllis A. Guze, Riverside, CA
30. 2013-14 Charles Cutler, Norristown, PA
31. 2014-15 Robert M. Centor, Huntsville, AL

Last updated: 4/14/14

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