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Nevada Chapter

Congratulations to the Nevada Chapter Governor-Elect, Evan M. Klass, MD, FACP. Our new Governor-elect will do a year of training as a Governor-elect and then will start his four-year term as Governor in the Spring of 2015. As Governor, Dr. Klass will serve as the official representative of the College for the Nevada Chapter, providing a link between members at the local level and leadership at the national level. In the meantime, Dr. Klass will be working closely with Dr. Evins (the current Governor) and College staff to learn about the College and his duties as Governor. To learn more about Dr. Klass, feel free to read his bio.

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Page Updated: 4/17/2015

Contact Information

Warren H Evins, MD PhD FACP
Governor, Nevada Chapter

Susan Lynch
Executive Director, Nevada Chapter
Phone: 502-445-9286
Email: susanlynchmba@yahoo.com