Responsibilities of the Nominator

It is the Nominator's responsibility to enlist two to three other people to write letters in support of a nominee (see below). In recruiting other supporters for a nominee, it is important to ask individuals who are genuinely enthusiastic and who honestly believe that the nominee is worthy of the award or Mastership. If the nominee has strong teaching qualifications (for Mastership or for an award relating to teaching), it is often appropriate to have one or more letters from the nominee’s current or former students/trainees.

The Nominator should collect these letters and also obtain the nominee's curriculum vitae with full bibliography. Ancillary materials, such as copies of books authored, magazine articles, etc., will not be accepted. Once all materials have been collected, the Nominator should complete the Nomination Submission Form. The nominator will need the following information available when filling out the form:

  • Nominator's full name
  • Full name of nominee
  • Nominee's current curriculum vitae
  • Letter of nomination
  • Mastership: three supporting letters (.doc, .docx, or .pdf format only)
  • National Awards: two supporting letters (.doc, .docx, or .pdf format only)

You will also be asked to compose a short bio sketch of no longer than 250 words for the nominee. An acknowledgment will be sent electronically when the submission is received, and the Nominator will be advised of any problems or issues.

Both awards and Masterships are competitive, and not all persons nominated are selected. It is generally better NOT to inform the nominee of the nomination to avoid disappointment. All Nominators will receive a list of winners following approval by the Board of Regents in early December. Nominators should advise supporters of the outcome.