James D. Bruce Memorial Award for Distinguished Contributions in Preventive Medicine

This award is bestowed for distinguished contributions in preventive medicine. Preventive medicine shall be interpreted to include any subject bearing on the prevention of disease.

The Awards Committee encourages supporting letters for the nominee from members of organizations that produce prevention guidelines, representatives of professional societies that have adopted the nominee's findings, and educators in the field of clinical preventive medicine.

Nominating and supporting letters should address:

  • How the nominee has advanced the science of prevention.
  • The nominee’s specific contributions that will reduce the morbidity and/or mortality of a population through the application of prevention measures.
  • If contributions are well established, whether the nominee's contributions have been sustained over time.
  • If contributions are relatively recent, how they could be sustained over time.

Established: 1946
In honor of the late Dr. James D. Bruce, former Governor, Regent, and President of the College.

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