Guide to Nomination & Supporting Letters

Letters should come from the viewpoint and experience of the writer regarding the nominee. They should not simply summarize the curriculum vitae but should explain in detail the individual’s unique and important contributions. Each letter should be unique.

Letters should be addressed as follows:

Chair, Awards Committee [or Chair, Mastership Committee]
American College of Physicians
190 North Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106-1572

Prospective Nominators are encouraged to work with, or inform, the nominee's local ACP Governor, if applicable. To reach your local ACP Governors, visit the chapter website at Please note that many chapters have awards committees that coordinate nominations for that chapter. Please contact ACP staff directly, either with materials or with inquiries.

All questions may be directed to the Awards Committee Staff Liaison at; 800-523-1546, ext. 2714; 215-351-2714.

The Awards and Mastership Committees emphasize that all letters on behalf of nominations for ACP Masterships and awards are extremely important. Letters may come from all classes of College membership or from any individual (physician or not) familiar with the nominee. Letters signed by more than one sponsor count as one letter.

Letters, when taken together, should address the following topics, especially in relation to the qualifications for a particular award or Mastership. Depending on the award and the nominee, not all of these categories may apply.

Current & Past Positions

  • Medical School excellence
  • Residency leadership
  • First positions
  • Original research
  • Presentations at national scientific meetings
  • Current positions

Contributions to ACP

  • Doctor's Dilemma
  • Resident/Fellow member poster contributions
  • Chapter councils and committees
  • Chapter Leadership
  • Chapter Awards
  • National committee activity
  • Leadership Day contributions
  • LEAD Program
  • Internal Medicine Week contributions
  • MKSAP contributions
  • National awards
  • How the individual advances ACP’s Mission and Goals and reflects Core Values


  • Publishing record, including peer reviewed journals, book chapters, and books
  • Editorial positions held
  • Presentations given nationally and internationally
  • Grants obtained
  • Breakthrough discoveries

Excellence as a Clinician

  • Delivery of care
  • Patient advocacy
  • Workload

Educational & Teaching Service

  • Student evaluation excellence
  • Lecturing skills
  • Teaching rounds excellence
  • Clinical instruction
  • Teaching awards
  • Career achievements of former students

National & International Service (not ACP)

  • University/medical school committees
  • Offices held in other medical organizations
  • Contributions to national scientific meetings for other medical organizations

Volunteerism & Community Service

  • Free clinics/medical rescue units/shelter work
  • Offices held in community organizations
  • Disaster relief work
  • Delivery of health care to underserved populations

Other Contributions of Note