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News & Meetings

Register today!
Montana Chapter 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting

August 7-9, 2014
Bozeman Deaconess Hospital
Bozeman, MT

Meeting Program
Meeting Registration

For more information about the meeting, contact Carrie Reisig at creisig@bresnan.net.

Dr. Larson, MT Governor, featured on radio show

Our chapter Governor, Dr. Larson, was recently interviewed by Yellowstone Public Radio about his decision to stop seeing Medicare/Medicaid patients. Listen to the full interview.

Health Information Booklet

As part of the Montana Chapter's strategic planning initiative, Dr. Larson (the Chapter Governor) has developed a health information booklet that can be customized and given out to patients.
Download a Word version of the Health Information Booklet

University of Washington Grand Rounds Archive

As one of the WWAMI states, the University of Washington can offer educational opportunities. One opportunity is Grand Rounds. Being in a rural state, Grand Rounds at a University hospital is not an option, until now. The University of Washington has their Grand Rounds archived. Check them out at:


Survey Request from Dr. Larson, MT Chapter Governor

The Montana Chapter of the ACP would like to help improve the quality of professional life for Montana internal medicine and medicine subspecialty clinicians. To accomplish this, we need to know what factors adversely affect your practice of medicine.

Please list 3-5 factors that you find adversely affects your professional life. Some examples include paperwork burden, too little time with patients, too many patients, interruptions during clinic hours, income, unreimbursed tasks for patient management, and prior authorizations.

Email your response to jaylarson@mt.net.

Additional CME Opportunities
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Chapter Communications

10-22-13: ACP Helpful Links From CSI

8-8-13: ACP Obamacare Informational Website for Montanans

6-19-13: ACP Awards and Masterships

1-22-13: ACP Medicare Form Webinar

Governor's Newsletters
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