ACP Affinity Groups

ACP’s new Affinity Groups provide a forum for ACP members with shared personal and professional interests to gather.

ACP's Affinity Groups are grassroots, member-driven, and are led by ACP members who share similar interests. Affinity Groups are inclusive, and any member in good standing is welcome to join and participate in any group. Each group will have its own virtual ACP Forum, with the opportunity to post information, hold discussions and plan other forms of interaction.

Current ACP Affinity Groups

To ensure the success of each group, ACP will bring together group leadership for virtual meetings to share best practices and programming ideas. Furthermore, ACP will market this initiative throughout the year to foster growth. Partnering with ACP Chapters or with other Affinity Groups will be encouraged.

The goals of the ACP Affinity Groups are to:

  • Amplify the voices of members with similar experiences
  • Build community, collaboration and networking
  • Create engagement, education, and discourse
  • Share ideas, resources and research

Scope and Authority

ACP Affinity Groups are member driven with programming and discussion around issues important to the members of the group. The scope and authority of Affinity Groups is as follows:

  • Self-directed with the authority to develop programming around the interests and goals of the group
  • Self-governed by a grassroots steering committee
  • Guided and supported by the ACP Membership Committee
  • Bound by ACP’s bylaws and policies on anti-harassment, DEI, communications and social media
  • Will not have a governance role, though they may advocate for a resolution or policy only through the existing ACP governance structure
  • Represent members with common interests without consideration of geography and will not replicate any existing Chapter, Council or Committee
  • Understand that they are not empowered to commit ACP resources, establish policy, support positions of other organizations, issue public statements, or establish public presences in the name of the Affinity Group or ACP
  • Do not hold an official role and cannot represent themselves as such when communicating internally and with external organizations
  • ACP must review and provide prior written approval of any publications that make mention of the ACP or the group itself

Establishing an Affinity Group

  • To ensure success of the group, ACP requires that a “steering committee” be established consisting of four current ACP members, none of whom may be a current ACP governance leader.
  • All steering committee members will be required to sign an affiliation agreement agreeing to warrant full compliance with the ACP’s bylaws, policies on anti-harassment, DEI, communications and social media
  • The steering committee will assign one of its members to liaison directly with ACP staff.
  • The liaison will submit an Affinity Group application to be reviewed by ACP staff and approved by the ACP Membership Committee.

ACP Affinity Group Application Form

Staff Support

ACP welcomes and encourages grassroots networking and social interaction, and through the Affinity Groups we will expand member opportunities to engage with each other and with the College. To support the growth and success of the groups, the following support will be provided:

  • A virtual meeting space through the ACP Forums.
  • Marketing support to grow membership in the group.
  • Review of the group’s annual activities plan.
  • ACP hosted virtual meetings for steering committee members across all Affinity Groups
  • Connection to staff within the College on programming that align with ACP priorities.