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Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Awards from The Rosenthal Family Foundation

Both awards are for recent work and are not intended to reward either a body of work or an accomplishment of long standing. The Foundation is most interested in stimulating innovation and urges consideration of younger individuals whose work has not been sufficiently recognized. Both awards are supported by the Foundation. In the event of an organization, supporting letters for the nominee may include letters from people who benefited from the organization’s programs.

First Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Award from The Rosenthal Family Foundation

Established: 1976

The first award is given “to that physician–scientist, clinician, or scientific group whose recent innovative work is making a notable contribution to improve clinical care in the field of internal medicine.” Oncology is not included, as The Rosenthal Family Foundation sponsors an award in that field.

Nominating and supporting letters should address:

  • In what way has this nominee contributed towards improving clinical care in the field of internal medicine? How recent was this contribution?
  • In what particular fashion are the contributions of the nominee considered an innovative approach to clinical medicine?

Second Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Award from The Rosenthal Family Foundation

Established: 1976

The second award is given “to that individual or organization whose recent original approach in the delivery of health care or in the design of facilities for its delivery will increase its clinical and/or economic effectiveness.” The Foundation is especially interested in giving consideration to individuals or groups whose innovative designs of facilities (such as hospitals, intensive care units, or clinics) improve clinical care or the economics of care.

Nominating and supporting letters should address:

  • In what way did this nominee improve the delivery or design of healthcare facilities and how recently?
  • In what particular fashion did the nominee enhance clinical and/or economic effectiveness of this care-model and how recently?
  • Did the nominee’s contribution demonstrate a significant improvement in clinical care or economics of care?
  • Did the contributions of this nominee merit local, state, national, or international recognition?

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