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Alvan R. Feinstein Memorial Award

Established: 2002
In honor of: The late Dr. Alvan R. Feinstein, internationally recognized as the father of clinical epidemiology

The award is to be given to an American physician who has made a major contribution to the science of patient care in activities that Dr. Feinstein has broadly defined as clinical epidemiology or clinimetrics, involving the direct study of patients’ clinical conditions. This award is given every other year.

The Awards Committee encourages supporting letters from physicians familiar with clinimetrics/clinical epidemiology and how the nominee’s work contributes to the science of patient care.

Nominating and supporting letters should address:

  • What contribution did the nominee make to the field of clinical epidemiology or clinimetrics, involving the direct study of patients’ clinical conditions?
  • In what way did the nominee’s work contribute to the science of patient care?
  • Have the nominee’s contributions been sustained over time?

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Full Lists of Recipients

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