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Tools for Each Stage of Adoption

EHR Investigation - Am I Ready?

The Value of Electronic Health Records
This EHRA document highlights 28 diverse provider sites and how their EHR has improved patient safety and quality improvement, operational efficiencies and cost savings, and throughput and patient/staff satisfaction.

Assessing Your Practice Performance:

ACP Coding Scenario Tool
Some EHRs provide coding assistance. If your practice is currently undercoding, an EHR could help in properly coding and documenting, thereby increasing practice revenue. This tool compares your coding pattern against the Medicare national average and provides a hypothetical estimate of the dollar difference between your current coding and coding adjusted to the national average.

ACP Transcription Cost/Savings Calculator
If your practice currently uses a transcription service, this tool will provide you a projection of potential savings from avoiding transcription through the use of an EHR.

Selection and Purchase

AmericanEHR Partners
This free web-based resource for EHR system selection/implementation was developed by the American College of Physicians and Cientis Technologies.

Implementation: Getting Your EHR Up & Running

Advance Planning & Workflow Analysis
This is a brief document outlining workflow considerations prior to implementation of the EHR.

ACP Internist Articles:

Investing in EHRs Pays Off in Paperless Perks

"Slow and Steady” Best Approach to Going Paperless

The Files are Electronic, but the Staff is Only Human

Group Purchasing Puts EHRs in Small Offices

Other Resources

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ): National Resource Center for Health Information Technology
This site has a vast knowledge library, tools, and resources for your reference.

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AmericanEHR Partners is a web-based resource for EHR system selection/implementation developed by the American College of Physicians and Cientis Technologies.

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