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Medicare Primary Care Bonus Payment Program

Bonus Payment Program Overview

Does the College believe that this Medicare bonus payment will stop the declining interest in the practice of primary care?

The College recognizes that a 10 percent bonus payment on some primary care services over a five-year period, while significant, is not alone sufficient to ensure an adequate supply of general internists and other primary care physicians. The College believes that other provisions in the law, e.g. increased Medicaid payments for primary care services, and activities external to it, e.g. initial efforts by health plans to increase payments to physician practices recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home, will help further. It understands, however, that more needs to be done.

The College also remains concerned about potential shortages in internal medicine subspecialties and other specialties and is working to support changes in reimbursement to better recognize the value of their services and for a national workforce policy that provides support to all specialties and subspecialties facing shortages.

Where We Stand

From the ACA to Medicare reform, ACP is advocating for internists and their patients on issues we care about.

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