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MKSAP 16 for Board Prep and Guarantee

Pass the Boards the first time...
Achieve self-assurance with MKSAP 16

For ABIM Board preparation, MKSAP is widely considered the go-to source. More than 94% of Internal Medicine residents use MKSAP to prepare for the Boards.

Whether you are working toward ABIM Certification or ABIM Recertification, MKSAP 16 will thoroughly prepare you for exam day.

With 1,200 new Board-like questions and well-researched content in 11 subspecialty areas, MKSAP is the self-assessment program to depend on to help you pass the Boards.

How to use MKSAP 16 to excel on the Boards

Answer 1,200 original multiple-choice questions to identify your strengths and weaknesses. MKSAP 16 will help you correct your deficiencies well before the Boards.

Study with the lightweight print books and use features in the Digital program to experience a simulated Board exam. Choose to work in study mode or exam mode. When in exam mode, set the digital timer and see how you did only after you have answered all of the questions.

Why you should choose MKSAP 16 to get ready for the Boards

MKSAP 16 subscribers tell us that without a doubt, the questions in our program meet a higher standard. The current clinical guidelines and recent research in the 13 major areas of internal medicine have been reviewed, interpreted, and summarized by an editorial team of more than 100 physicians headed by world-renowned experts. The questions are the ones you need to study before taking the Boards.

In addition to the high-quality questions, MKSAP 16 provides subscribers with comprehensive review text, in a reader-friendly format.

When you should use MKSAP 16 to prepare for the Boards

Use MKSAP to study before your scheduled exam. With MKSAP 16's mobile apps, you can fit preparation in whenever and wherever it works for you, answer questions offline, synch back to your online account, and pick up right where you left off.

Combine MKSAP 16 with Boards Basics 3 for extra preparation.

This Board Basics 3 digest is specifically designed for intense review right before you take the exam. Board Basics 3 includes a print book and digital apps. FREE to ACP Resident/Fellow Members as well as MKSAP 16 Complete subscribers.

If you get the MKSAP 16 Updates, check them for the latest developments in internal medicine and answer the new questions.

After you take the exam, if for some reason, you don't pass

Send a copy of your notification of failure from the ABIM to Self-Assessment Programs Confidential Review

190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106

If you have answered all of the questions in MKSAP 16 and earned all of the CME credits, you will receive a full refund on your purchase price. Your exam record will be destroyed.


MKSAP 16 Quick Links

The MKSAP 16 Options.
Select Yours!

MKSAP 16 Print: Ideal for those who like to work through books.

MKSAP 16 Digital: Access the full program with the flexibility to work anywhere.

MKSAP 16 Complete: The perfect choice for those who want the full range of options and the best value.

Board Basics 3: Intense certification or recertification review.

MKSAP 16 Updates: Four online updates of questions to keep you current.

MKSAP 16 Audio Companion: Study hands-free, when and where it suits you.