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New Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program Modules & Reconfigurations

Medical Laboratory Evaluation

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MLE has introduced several new test modules including Scabies, Blood Lead, SHBG/Testosterone and more.

New Modules

Module No. Description
837 Blood Lead
838 Blood Lead - Waived
872 Urine Chemistry
828 Enzyme Chemistry-Ship Alone
833 Piccolo Waived Chemistry (Add-On)
(can be added onto 824, Thyroid Profile)
854 SHBG/Testosterone


Module Reconfigurations

Module No. Description Catalog
534, 535, 901, 902 Now contains Scabies
536 Urine Microalbumin/Creatinine (Add-On) (can now be added on to 868, Urine Drug Screen)
868 Urine Drug Screen - Now contains Fentanyl and Tramadol


For more information, about the MLE clinical laboratory evaluation program, see the current catalog.

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