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ACP in the News Archive - 2011

December 2011

12/30/2011 Overuse of diagnostic exams can harm patient health -USA Today
12/29/2011 Is American Medicine Too Test Happy? -Health Day
12/29/2011 The Need to Link Medical and Social Care for Seniors -Forbes
12/29/2011 Preventive care: It's free, except when it's not -Associated Press
12/21/2011 Congressional deadlock leaves Medicare 27.4% pay cut in place -- for now -American Medical News
12/15/2011 Top Physician Groups Look to Cut Overuse of Tests -Medical Daily
12/13/2011 Study Questions Use of MRI Before Back-Pain Injections -Health Day via MSN Health
12/12/2011 Proposal on access to lab tests should be revised, doctors say -American Medical News
12/8/2011 13 Myths -- and Facts -- About Lowering High Cholesterol - iVillage.com
12/7/2011 How Specialty Societies And Patient Advocacy Groups Can Advance Comparative Effectiveness Research -Health Affairs Blog
12/5/2011 Medicare cuts may devastate both doctors and patients -The Day

November 2011

11/28/2011 Medical Billing Company Forms Internal Medicine Billing Division -San Francisco Chronicle
11/23/2011 ACP: What’s a small group practice to do? -KevinMD
11/22/2011 Failure of Super Committee Blows Doc-Fix Opportunity -Medscape Today
11/22/2011 'Super Committee' Fails to Make Deal; Medicare Cuts Triggered -Medpage Today
11/18/2011 New SGR Repeal Plan Proposed, Doc Groups Approve -Medpage Today
11/17/2011 Providers Brace for Super Committee Health Care Cuts -CNBC
11/17/2011 Health Care Cuts & the Super Committee -CNBC
11/16/2011 GMSHC Applauds California Medical Association's Call for Marijuana Legalization - San Francisco Chronicle
11/14/2011 Providing prices isn't as easy as it sounds -American Medical News
11/14/2011 When the office visit is a family matter -American Medical News
11/11/2011 Internists express strong support for ACA's programs to support coordinated care -PhysOrg
11/9/2011 The ACP Medical Home Builder®: Good Tools for Everyone -Medscape Today
11/8/2011 Many doctors don't get enough EMR training -American Medical News
11/7/2011 Doctors Await Decision on SGR, Pay Cuts -Health Leaders Media
11/3/2011 Medicare to Slightly Reduce Big Physician Pay Cut in 2012 -Medscape Today
11/3/2011 Internists Open Door to National Health ID -Medscape Today
11/3/2011 Final Medicare Rule Cuts Doc Pay Drastically -Medpage Today
11/3/2011 Congress must 'go big' on physician payment reform -PhysOrg
11/2/2011 Preventing Venous Thromboembolism In Hospitalized Patients, American College Of Physicians' New Approach -Medical News Today
11/2/2011 Blood Clots, If Low Risk, Warrant Outpatient Care -Seattle Times
11/1/2011 ACP Issues VTE Prophylaxis Guidelines for Medical Inpatients -Medscape Today
11/1/2011 ACP Recommends Against Universal VTE Prophylaxis -Family Practice News


October 2011

10/27/2011 ACIP Expands HPV Vaccine Recommendation to Adolescent Boys -AAFP
10/27/2011 Hepatitis B Vaccine Recommended for Adults With Diabetes -Family Practice News
10/26/2011 Report: Physicians Need More EHR Training -Becker’s Hospitalist Review
10/25/2011 Experts Describe the Types of Pain That Require Prompt Medical Attention -WebMD
10/24/2011 Will physicians still give patients PSA test? -American Medical News
10/24/2011 Should Doctors Be Involved With a Patient's 'Spiritual Care'? -Medscape Today
10/24/2011 Washington Week: CMS Releases Final ACO Rule -Medpage Today
10/21/2011 Primary Care Docs Urged to Cut Care Not 'Medically Beneficial' -Medpage Today
10/13/2011 Prostate Test Recommendation Draws Mixed Reviews -MedPage Today
10/11/2011 ACP: Relationships enhance patient care -Kevin MD
10/11/2011 Calif. pot dispensaries to close? What federal prosecutors say -CBS News
10/11/2011 Medicare tests monthly incentives for innovative primary care -American Medical News
10/11/2011 New prostate cancer test advice overturns dogma - Associated Press
10/5/2011 Parents Often Shun Recommended Childhood Vaccine Schedule -Medscape Today
10/5/2011 Doc Groups Blast MedPAC Plan to Fix the SGR -Medpage Today
10/4/2011 Doc, hospital groups urge supercommittee on GME -Modern Physicians
10/3/2011 Extreme couponing for medical residents? -Boston Globe
10/3/2011 Pennsylvania AFP Assists Primary Care Residencies, Practices With PCMH, EHR Initiatives -AAFP Now


September 2011

9/30/2011 An MRI for back pain may only confuse the diagnosis -Kevin MD
9/30/2011 HHS Announces Coordinated Care Initiative - Kaiser Health News
9/28/2011 More Frequent Doctor Visits May Benefit Diabetes Patients - Health Day
9/28/2011 Office Champions Project Nets Gains in Smoking Cessation Efforts: Family Physicians, Others Learning to Lead in Fight Against Tobacco -AAFP
9/27/2011 More Frequent Doctor Visits May Benefit Diabetes Patients -U.S. News & World Report
9/27/2011 More Frequent Doctor Visits May Benefit Diabetes Patients -Yahoo! News
9/27/2011 ACP Raises Concerns About MedPAC Proposal And Proposes An Alternative Plan -Medical News Today
9/22/2011 Doctors should learn how to help manage healthcare costs -LA Times
9/22/2011 ACP: Repeal SGR now before costs increase more -Modern Medicine
9/21/2011 Residency Training Should Stress Cost-Conscious Care -Medscape Today
9/20/2011 Doctors should learn how to help manage healthcare costs -LA Times
9/19/2011 Should Medicare pay for procedures that have no proven benefit? -Kevin MD
9/19/2011 Docs Urged to Lead Fight Against Alcohol Abuse -Medpage Today
9/19/2011 Medicare pay-for-performance plan criticized over early launch -American Medical News
9/19/2011 CMS chief seeks cost control through better quality -American Medical News
9/16/2011 Judge Blocks Florida Law Curbing Doctors' Questions About Guns -NPR
9/15/2011 Judge Blocks Florida 'Gag Law' on Physicians’ Gun Questions -Medscape Today
9/14/2011 ACP: Current and future payment and practice trends in medicine -Kevin MD
9/14/2011 ACP offers menu of options to reduce health care spending and promote high-value care -News Medical Net
9/13/2011 5 Health Slip-Ups—Remedied -Women’s Day
9/8/2011 Medical Practices Work on Ways to Serve Patients and Bottom Line -The New York Times
9/8/2011 Primary-Care Doctors Push for Raise -The Wall Street Journal
9/8/2011 Task Force Meets to Discuss Unified Strategy for Ensuring Medicare Payment Fix Gets Done - AAFP News Now
9/6/2011 Search for civility in discussions in era of politicized health care -Medpage Today


August 2011

8/31/2011 Coronary CT screening is low value health care -Kevin MD
8/30/2011 Transitioning HIV-Infected Adolescents Into Adult Care -Medscape Today
8/29/2011 Patient History Found To Be Key Element In Making A Diagnosis -The Wall Street Journal
8/29/2011 How states will shape health reform -American Medical News
8/22/2011 Antidepressants increasingly prescribed for nonpsychiatric conditions -American Medical News
8/16/2011 New COPD guidelines aim to manage patients better -American Medical News
8/15/2011 A Round-up of the Latest Important and Intriguing Malpractice News -Medscape Today
8/15/2011 One Word Can Save Your Life: No -Newsweek
8/11/2011 Lawsuit Targets Medicare Pay 'Bias' Toward Specialists -Medscape Today
8/9/2011 Gun Query Off Limits for Doctors in Florida -New York Times
8/9/2011 ACP: New COPD guideline addresses an important health issue -KevinMD
8/5/2011 Groups Oppose Rule on Medical Record Access Disclosure -Medpage Today
8/3/2011 New Guidelines Issued for COPD Diagnosis, Management -Doctor’s Lounge
8/2/2011 New Guidelines for Spotting, Treating COPD Released - Yahoo! News
8/2/2011 New Guidelines for Spotting, Treating COPD Released -MSN Health & Fitness
8/2/2011 New Guidelines for Spotting, Treating COPD Released - U.S. News & World Report
8/2/2011 ACP Issues Guidelines for Management of Stable COPD -Medscape
8/2/2011 Physician Groups Issue New COPD Guidelines -MedPage Today
8/1/2011 Mounting drug shortages delaying treatment -American Medical News


July 2011

7/25/2011 What You Need to Know About the New, Free Medicare Checkup -AARP
7/25/2011 Doc Fix in 'Gang of Six' Budget Plan Nixes SGR Formula -Medscape Today
7/19/2011 Dawn of A New Sleep Drug? -Wall Street Journal
7/18/2011 Some patients worse off with more-experienced docs - MSNBC
7/5/2011 Why HB 155 undermines the trust doctors have with patients -KevinMD
7/5/2011 HIV in primary care: Treating an aging epidemic -American Medical News
7/5/2011 AMA backs challenge of "don't ask" gun law -American Medical News
7/1/2011 Teasing Out Fact From Fiction in Your Health News -Huffington Post


June 2011

6/29/2011 A transparent process to allocate resources based on evidence - KevinMD
6/29/2011 Cutting Deficit, Fix SGR Too, Groups Say -Medpage Today
6/28/2011 Fake-Patient Survey May Help Primary Care, Say ACP, AAFP -Medscape Today
6/28/2011 AMA Upholds Stance on Individual Responsibility for Health Coverage -AAFP
6/28/2011 Plan Kids' Move to Adult Medical Care, Groups Say -Medpage Today
6/27/2011 ACP: ACOs – On to the final rule -KevinMD
6/24/2011 Malpractice Reform Takes a Step Forward -Medscape Today
6/24/2011 Supreme Court Overturns Ban on Prescription Data Mining -Medscape Today
6/21/2011 AMA: Delegates Sharply Divided on Individual Mandate -Medpage Today
6/16/2011 Miracle-Gro and Montel Williams want in on medical marijuana business -CBS News
6/15/2011 Supports Mandatory Flu Vaccinations for Health Care Personnel -AAFP
6/15/2011 Why Primary Care Needs a New Organization -Medpage Today
6/9/2011 "Pointless tests drive medical costs skyward: Doctors have to grapple with diagnostic overkill” By Steven Weinberger -Philadelphia Inquirer
6/8/2011 Florida doctors defend right to discuss guns with patients -Reuters
6/7/2011 Smoking linked to artery disease in women -WebMD
6/7/2011 Brady Center, Ropes & Gray Intend To File Suit Today On Behalf Of Doctors To Strike Down Florida Gun Law Limiting Free Speech -Medical News Today
6/6/2011 Florida Law Bans Doctors From Asking About Guns -ABC News
6/3/2011 Pediatricians and Family Docs Threaten To Sue If Rick Scott Signs Gun-Gag Bill -Forbes
6/3/2011 Supportive Of Intent Of ACO Proposed Rule, ACP Expresses Concern That Program Sets Bar Too High For Many Internal Medicine Physicians -Medical News Today
6/2/2011 Continues to Grow, We Will Consolidate Our Influence -AAFP


May 2011

5/31/2011 AAFP, Others Assail Measures That Interfere With Physician-Patient Relationship -AAFP
5/27/2011 Primary Care Physician Organizations Speak Out In Defense Of The Patient-Physician Relationship -Medical News Today
5/26/2011 ACP: How accountable care is a team sport -KevinMD
5/24/2011 The Tortured Patient: A Medical Dilemma: Physicians and Torture -Medscape Today
5/23/2011 AMA opt-out program will keep prescribing data from drug reps -American Medical News
5/16/2011 Chronic Pain? 11 Ways to Cope With A Lack of Support -Huffington Post
5/6/11 Health Buzz: Long Mammogram Wait Times in NYC -US News & World Report
5/5/11 Peggy Fleming Educates Patients About Peripheral Arterial Disease Or "P.A.D." -Medical News Today
5/5/11 National Health Care Organizations Unite To Warn The Public About The Dangers Of Indoor Tanning -Medical News Today
5/5/11 AMA releases new edition of e-prescribing guide -American Medical News
5/4/11 ACP: National immigration policy and health care -KevinMD
5/3/11 Physicians Call for New Medicare Pay System by 2016 or 2017 -Medscape Today
5/2/11 A call for better immigrant care (American College of Physicians annual meeting) -American Medical News


April 2011

4/27/11 Fewer Med Students Training as Primary-Care Doctors: Study -HealthDay
4/27/11 ACP Calls for National Policy Backing Immigrant Healthcare -Medscape Today
4/26/11 Fewer Medical Students Choosing General Internal Medicine Careers -Medscape Today
4/26/11 Rx Data-Mining Case Reaches Supreme Court -Medical News Today
4/26/11 $1 billion patient safety effort relies on physician outreach -American Medical News
4/21/11 420 day? What's the 411 on medical marijuana? -CBS News
4/20/11 The American College of Physicians Internal Medicine 2011 -Doctor's Lounge
4/18/11 Antidepressant Discontinuation Syndrome - Start Slow? Stop Fast? -Internal Medicine News
4/14/11 ACP Backs Health Care for Immigrants, Medicaid Reforms -Internal Medicine News
4/12/11 Major Changes In Medicaid Program Will Give Beneficiaries More Options To Meet Long-Term Care Needs -Medpage Today
4/11/11 ACP's paper provides brief updates on changes to Medicaid program -News-Medical-Net
4/11/11 Physicians Call For Better Access To Health Care For Immigrants -Medical News Today
4/11/11 Reformed Medicaid program must put coordinated care at forefront of efforts -PhysOrg
4/11/11 ACTHIV: VA Increases HIV Screening -Med Page Today
4/11/11 UVM professor becomes president of American College of Physicians -Burlington Free Press
4/7/11 Physicians call for better access to health care for immigrants -PhysOrg
4/7/11 National policy needed to address heath care system for immigrants, ACP says -News-Medical-Net
4/7/11 Dividing the Medicare Pie Pits Doctor Against Doctor -Wall Street Journal
4/4/11 UCR Medical School Official to Become Chair-Elect for National Physicians’ Group -UC Riverside News Room
4/1/11 Baby Boomers: Public Health's Biggest Challenge -Huffington Post

March 2011

3/30/11 ACP Joins ANA, Others In Urging Clinicians To Follow New Tdap Recommendations -Medical News Today
3/29/11 ANA Leads Coalition Urging Broader Vaccination To Protect Infants From Pertussis -Medical News Today
3/28/11 Primary care residencies up again on Match Day -American Medical News
3/28/11 ACP: Benefits, harms, and quality in high value, cost conscious care (by John Tooker, MD, MBA, MACP) -KevinMD
3/28/11 No-fuss ways to snuff out allergy symptoms -MSNBC
3/21/11 Will There Be Enough Primary-Care Physicians To Treat New Medicaid Patients? -The Wall Street Journal
3/18/11 Primary Care Again a Top Choice on Match Day -Medpage Today
3/18/11 Med societies ask CMS to delay enforcing 'face-to-face' rule -ModernHealthcare
3/16/11 Heart Attack Survival Linked To Hospital Culture And Organization Of Care -Medical News Today
3/15/11 Medical Homes' Help Kids Get Comprehensive Care -HealthDay
3/14/11 Diabetics Do Better With Empathetic Doctors -US News & World Report
3/11/11 Release Of Guidelines For Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition And Accreditation Programs -Medical News Today
3/10/11 Medical Home Guidelines Protect Physician Turf -Medscape Today
3/8/11 Are two diet pills better than one? - MSNBC: Today
3/8/11 New Site for Consumers on the Health Care Law - New York Times
3/4/11 ACP issues guideline for intensive insulin therapy in hospitalized patients - ModernMedicine
3/3/11 Virtual Colonoscopy Gains in Popularity. Is It Right for You? - TIME
3/1/11 Sweating Out a Fever - Wall Street Journal
3/1/11 Online coalition of doctors, nurses and pharmacists answers questions about health-care law - LA Times

February 2011

2/28/11 Obama offers governors some flexibility on healthcare - LA Times
2/22/11 ACP: High value, cost conscious care - KevinMD
2/16/11 In-Hospital Blood Sugar Levels Should Be Higher: Report - Yahoo! News
2/15/11 What Health Reform Missed: The Doctor Shortage - Fox News: Business
2/14/11 Reform law rollout forges ahead despite GOP budget threats - American Medical News
2/2/11 How to manage back pain: skip the MRI - Boston Globe
2/1/11 Concierge Medical Care With a Smaller Price Tag - New York Times
2/1/11 Study finds problems with back pain imaging use - ABC TV

January 2011

1/31/11 Principles Released For Determining Public Consensus On Conserving And Allocating Health Resources Based On Best Evidence Of Value - Medical News Today
1/31/11 Internist Group Endorses Health Courts - MedPage Today
1/28/11 ACP details challenges facing the U.S. health care system - The Medical News
1/20/11 ACP Urges Congress To Preserve And Improve, Not Repeal, Health Reform Law - Medical News Today
1/3/11 ACP: Clinical decision support – is it time? - KevinMD

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