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Recruit-a-Resident Rewards Program

ACP's Recruit-a-Resident (RaR) Rewards Program provides education resources to residency programs that recruit their residents to become ACP Resident/Fellow Members. The recruitment period runs from July 1 to December 31. If 90% or more of a program's categorical internal medicine or medicine-pediatrics residents* are ACP Resident/Fellow Members in good standing** when the recruitment period closes on December 31 that residency program will achieve Elite Status, and each resident in that program will receive a selection of free educational resources.

Download the Recruit-a-Resident 2016 brochure

ACP Group Resident/Fellow Member Registration Form

Programs that wish to sign up all of their residents, please fill out the Residency Program Group Form and email it to

Questions regarding the application process can be sent to, or call 215-351-2697.

ACP Group Billing for Residency Programs

Residency programs that financially support membership in ACP for their residents can opt-in to group billing. Whether paying for one year, or all years of membership, the program can be billed directly and receive an invoice for its residents' dues.

How it works:

  • Renewing Members - Programs can request a list of the residents in their program who are currently ACP members to confirm their current dues status.
  • New Members - Program can use the group sign up form in place of the individual printed application to sign-up new members (interns and PGY 2's or 3's who are nonmembers).
  • Once the program has identified which residents' dues the program will support, ACP staff will suppress individual dues notices for those residents, and bill the residency program as a group.
  • Based on program preference, ACP will bill the program separately for new and renewing, or combine in one invoice.

Questions regarding group billing can be sent to, or call 215-351-2697.

Reach the 90% Goal and Receive Free Educational Products

Enroll 90% of your PGY1, PGY2, and PGY3 residents or 90% of all medicine-pediatric residents by December 31, 2016, and receive access to the following for all of your residents:

  • Internal Medicine Meeting 2016 handouts—including all of the Updates and Multiple Small Feedings of the Mind
  • In the Clinic Compendium—featuring 12 In the Clinics from Annals of Internal Medicine
  • Procedural Short Videos—featuring technical procedures being performed on either a stimulated or live model; each video is an excellent resource to help your residents improve their clinical skills

Residency Program Standings 2016

View your program's membership status update.

Access 2016 Rewards

Resident/Fellow Members in good standing who are current residents in a 2016 Elite Status program can login to access 2016 rewards.

Chief Resident's Corner 2016-2017

View the list of the 2016-2017 chief resident members signed up for ACP Chief Resident's Corner.

Additional Details

For more information about the Recruit-a-Resident Rewards Program, please contact Membership Development at

*ACP uses residency program size information obtained from the List of ACGME Accredited Programs and Sponsoring Institutions.

**In order to be considered a member "in good standing" dues for 2016-2017 must be paid.