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ACP's Recruit-a-Colleague Program
for members within the United States

Recommend ACP membership to your colleagues and earn a significant discount on your membership dues or even free membership!

Now you have the opportunity to provide your colleagues with the same clinical support and educational resources that you have enjoyed as an ACP member. Talk to your post-training colleagues about ACP today so they can experience the College’s benefits for themselves -- and join a worldwide internal medicine community of more than 143,000 members.

To thank you for your time and effort, we offer the following recruitment program. Between now and March 1, 2016, receive a:

  • $100 credit toward your 2016-17 annual dues when you recruit one member
  • $200 credit toward your 2016-17 annual dues when you recruit two new members
  • $300 credit toward your 2016-17 annual dues when you recruit three new members
  • Free membership in 2016-17 when you recruit four or more new members*

Plus, for every member recruited within the promotional period, you will receive an entry into a grand-prize drawing for a trip to the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2017 in San Diego, CA that includes registration, airfare (up to $500), and four days of hotel accommodations.

To be considered a "recruited" member, your colleague must:

  • Be a nonmember who is eligible for "full" ACP Membership or Physician Affiliate membership and pay $100 or more in dues.
  • Submit a membership application, along with his or her dues payment, between April 1, 2015 and March 1, 2016.
  • Write your name in the recruiter box on the top of the Membership application.**

Send a recruitment e-mail to a colleague today, or download and print an application to personally deliver.

This program is only valid for ACP members whose dues are paid for the current fiscal year.

*Please note that total dues credits earned in one yearly period can not be greater than the amount of any recruiter's annual dues.

** If a former Member, Physician Affiliate member, or Fellow reinstates membership within the promotional period and mentions your name, you can also receive a dues credit.