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Direct Election to Fellowship

For applicants who are not currently ACP Members

Physicians certified in internal medicine who are not currently ACP Members may be eligible for direct election to Fellowship. Direct Fellowship is a singular honor conferred on fewer than five percent of Fellowship applicants and available for select situations. Qualifications nearly always include status as an academician or researcher with a national reputation, extensive publications, and an outstanding career.

Basic Requirements for Direct Fellowship:

  • Certification in internal medicine or neurology
  • Not currently an ACP Member
  • Professional activity in internal medicine, a combined internal medicine specialty, a subspecialty of internal medicine or neurology
  • Experience in practice or in an academic position
  • 10-years post-graduation from medical school
  • Medical license in good-standing if in clinical practice
  • Continuing professional development and scholarly activities, including continuing medical education as a student or teacher
  • Teaching, either institutional or community-based, hospital committee work, and/or volunteer and community service, especially in the provision of medical care

Additional Qualifications of Excellence

In addition to meeting the basic requirements noted above, to be eligible for Direct Fellowship, applicants must meet the following additional qualifications:

  • Academic rank of Professor or Associate Professor
  • Substantial published scientific contributions to prominent peer-reviewed journals
  • Extraordinary scholarly achievement and professional excellence in areas such as teaching, medical education, and scientific presentations at the national or international level.
  • Significant involvement in a hospital or appropriate medical institution or in clinical/scientific research

Application Process for Direct Fellowship

Any non-member of ACP, who appears to meet both the basic and additional qualifications for Direct Fellowship, may apply as follows:

  • Discuss your credentials with the ACP Governor for your chapter. If you live in an area without an ACP chapter, please email the ACP credentials staff at
  • Ask two current ACP Fellows or Masters to complete a sponsor form or provide a detailed sponsoring letter of support with reference to your character, ethics and medical activities.
  • Submit the required application form, a copy of your current curriculum vitae, sponsoring forms/letters, and dues payment.
  • Optional - along with the above noted materials, include a personal statement providing your reasons for wanting to become an ACP Fellow and information not found on your application or curriculum vitae.