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International Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) Sponsorship Program

The International Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) Sponsorship Program provides funding, resources, and learning opportunities to medical school groups to support their interest in internal medicine.

Please note: This page describes the ACP IMIG Sponsorship Program for medical schools located outside of the United States. If you are a medical student at a U.S. medical school, please see the U.S. IMIG Sponsorship Program page.

Check out the below recording of our kickoff meeting, which covers the basics of the program, resources for IMIG clubs, and benefits of ACP Medical Student membership.

New ACP IMIG Sponsorship Program Welcome Meeting


In order to be eligible to apply for the program, medical schools should:

* If your school holds clinical rotations in the United States, the participating IMIG must reside and hold events at the international location.

**Applications will be considered from countries without an ACP Chapter. These applicants should include a proposal for maintaining a connection to ACP in the absence of a formal relationship to an existing ACP chapter. For more information, please send an email to indicating your country and medical school.

Program Overview

1. Apply to the Program

IMIG student leaders complete the online application for the 2022-2023 academic year. If your group meets the eligibility requirements and is accepted into the program, your group will receive initial funding between $80 and $160* USD and a packet of recruitment materials by early August.

Apply Now

Please note that there are a limited number of sponsorships available and applying does not guarantee funding.

2. Recruit Medical Students to Become FREE ACP Medical Student Members

Each IMIG has an opportunity to earn additional funding by recruiting student peers to become ACP members. The goal is to increase your school’s ACP Medical Student membership from 20% to at least 30% by January 31. The recruitment period runs from July 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023 (or January 1, 2022 to July 31, 2022 for schools on an off-cycle schedule).

ACP strongly encourages medical students to sign up for FREE ACP Student Membership via our online application.

  • Groups that reach the 30% participation goal will receive $1* per ACP Medical Student Member.
  • Groups that do not reach the 30% participation goal will receive $.50* per ACP Medical Student Member.
  • The additional funding is calculated after the recruitment period closes on January 31 (or July 31 for off-cycle medical schools), and clubs are rewarded based on the number of students that have enrolled in ACP Medical Student Membership. Groups that reach the 30% participation goal will double their secondary funding.**
  • ACP tracks all ACP Medical Student Members and will send your group periodic updates on how close you are to achieving the 30% recruitment goal.

*Funding varies per country based on World Bank economic indicators.
**The maximum funding per year varies from $400 to $800 USD.

3. Get Funding, Resources, and Benefits

Medical Students that sign up for free ACP Student Membership receive access to:

  • Learning resources and key career decision-making tools
  • Publications such as the Annals of Internal Medicine, the most widely-cited journal focused on internal medicine and its subspecialties
  • CV builders, like ACP’s annual Abstracts Competitions
  • Opportunities for participation and service

4. ACP Medical Student Member Reports

IMIG Program Timeline


Traditional Schedule (September-May School Year)

Off-Cycle Schedule
(January-September School Year)

IMIG sponsorship application available (login required)



IMIG sponsorship application deadline

June 1, 2022

June 1, 2022

Recruitment period begins

July 1

January 1

Applications processed — initial funding and recruitment materials are sent



Recruitment period ends

January 31

July 31

Recruitment reward funding processed — second payment is sent



Resources for IMIG Faculty Advisors and Student Leaders

IMIG Virtual Resource Toolkit

Interactive Internal Medicine Subspecialties Flowchart

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find my medical school in the drop-down menu on the IMIG Application form.

Please contact us at to add it to our list of schools.

How should students at my school sign up for FREE ACP Student Membership?

We strongly recommend that medical students apply for ACP Student Membership online.

How does my IMIG get credit for members who join from my school? How does ACP know which students from my school are ACP members?

The application for Medical Student Membership requires students to provide the name of their medical school. ACP tracks all ACP Medical Student Members from each school and sends clubs monthly updates on their progress toward achieving the 30% recruitment goal.

Where does my school's total enrollment data come from?

ACP uses enrollment data obtained from the World Directory of Medical Schools. If an enrollment number is not listed or is out of date, you are required to send us the total enrollment from your faculty advisor.

For more information about the IMIG Sponsorship Program, please e-mail