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Resident/Fellow Membership

Resident/Fellow Members whose dues are paid are automatically advanced to Membership in the College upon certification in internal medicine, a combined internal medicine specialty, or neurology, or submission of a copy of their residency completion certificate from an approved program. Resident/Fellow Members may choose not to advance to Membership, or may request an extension of Resident/Fellow Membership if they are in or accepted into a fellowship training program, in lieu of automatic election to Membership.

Residents & Fellows-in-training within the United States

Residents & Fellows-in-training outside of the United States

Benefits for Residents and Fellows-in-training

ACP Resident/Fellow Members enjoy a variety of benefits that enhance their professional life, and have access to some of the most advanced electronic products and services for internists. With an ACP Resident/Fellow Membership, members are eligible for substantial discounts on many of the College's programs, products, and services.

Dues Information

ACP’s Resident/Fellow Membership year runs from July 1 to June 30 each year. Dues rates prorated and are valid through June 30, 2016.

General Information & Requirements

Individuals may apply for an ACP Resident/Fellow Membership if they have been accepted for or are currently training in:

  • An accredited postgraduate program of internal medicine
  • An accredited postgraduate program of medicine pediatrics
  • A fellowship program in a subspecialty of internal medicine

Those who are serving obligatory military or public health service before completing postgraduate training in internal medicine or medicine pediatrics are also eligible.

Current Members

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Have Questions About Dues Rates?

ACP Fellowship (FACP)

Internists and subspecialists who have been recognized for personal integrity, superior competence, professional accomplishment, and demonstrated scholarship may be eligible to become an ACP Fellow.