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New Member Dues & Fees within the U.S.

ACP’s membership year runs from July 1 to June 30. Dues are pro-rated based upon the month a new member joins. Under "Dues Rate" select the month you are applying for membership, or select "Annual" to see the annual dues rate.

Membership Class Status Dues Rate:

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View the complete dues chart for new members within the U.S.

* As a special consideration, dues are waived for new members who are elected in March, April, May and June, providing that the new member pays his/her full dues amount for the next membership year.

ACP's membership year runs from July 1 to June 30 each year and dues are subject to change at the start of each new year. A special introductory dues rate may be offered to new members when they first join. The allocation of chapter dues are waived for newly elected members. Upon membership renewal, annual dues will include fees to support both the national ACP and the members local chapter. Chapter dues rates vary by chapter; therefore, the dues rate that a new member will be charged at the first renewal will be dependent upon the chapter to which he/she belongs.

View the complete dues chart for renewing members within the U.S.

Current Members

Log in to My Membership to pay your dues, change your address, and search the Membership Directory.

ACP Fellowship (FACP)

Internists and subspecialists who have been recognized for personal integrity, superior competence, professional accomplishment, and demonstrated scholarship may be eligible to become an ACP Fellow.


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