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ACP Knowledge Resources for ABIM SEP Modules

As a benefit of membership, the American College of Physicians is pleased to provide access directly to the knowledge resources you trust most to assist you in the completion of the following ABIM Self-Evaluation Process (SEP) Modules. Provided here is a specific collection of ACP knowledge resources, indexed according to the ABIM SEP questions. Simply select a module, then a question within that module, and you'll be connected instantly to ACP knowledge that will directly help you answer the question.

Select an ABIM SEP Module:

2016 Update in Internal Medicine: Module C0-S; Version 16-1
2016 Update in Internal Medicine: Module C0-S; Version 16-2
2016 Update in Hospital Medicine: Module 83S1601

These instructions assume that you are currently working on an ABIM SEP Module and have navigated to this section of ACP Online in a separate Internet browser window.

  1. Select the Module on which you are working from the list above.
  2. On the next screen, select the specific Question for which you wish to review ACP knowledge.
  3. Click on the link(s) provided in the Related ACP Knowledge list to read ACP knowledge resources related directly to your selected question (Note: it may be necessary for you to log in to particular resources).
  4. Repeat for each question for which you would like to review ACP knowledge.

ACP Knowledge Resources
The ACP knowledge resources utilized in this application include:

  • MKSAP (currently including content from the 16th Edition) - Learn more about MKSAP
  • Annals of Internal Medicine - - online access to current and past issues of the premier journal of Internal Medicine
  • ACP Books - content from 14 ACP books and 2 books distributed by ACP