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MKSAP for Students 5 Digital

Enhanced with IM Essentials
MKSAP for Students 5 Digital

If you have already purchased access from ACP or from your bookstore, you can log in now at http://mksapstudents5.acponline.org/login.

MKSAP for Students 5 Digital is a new interactive website featuring the content of the newest editions of MKSAP for Students and Internal Medicine Essentials for Students.

The interactive digital format will allow you to:

  • Work at your own pace and from multiple locations
  • Access more than 450 completely new multiple-choice questions, updated references, color photographs, and ECG tracings
  • Access lab values in both standard US units and SI units
  • Create custom quizzes
  • Select Advanced or Basic level questions
  • Directly link from a question to the textbook for further information
  • Read critiques of why that answer is correct
  • Review key point summaries for each question

Organized by the traditional subspecialty disciplines of internal medicine and general internal medicine, all questions are formatted as clinical vignettes that resemble the types of questions students encounter on the examination at the end of the clerkship and on the USMLE licensing examination. All questions in MKSAP for Students are associated with relevant content in the Essentials textbook that can directly answer the question.

MKSAP for Students 5 Digital is a powerful interactive platform, designed to help you succeed on the medicine clerkship!

Imagine the Possibilities: Careers in Internal Medicine

This career-counseling brochure [PDF] contains information about careers in internal medicine and is designed for medical and pre-medical students.

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Education Program for Prescribing Opioids Now Available

Education Program for Prescribing Opioids Now Available

ACP and Pri-Med have partnered to create a FREE online educational program to help clinicians safely prescribe opioids and manage patients with chronic pain. Online CME is available. Find out more.

Learn on the Go with Internal Medicine 2013 Digital Presentations

Learn on the Go with Internal Medicine 2013 Digital Presentations!

Attend virtual sessions on a wide variety of topics in the format of your choice with Internal Medicine 2013 recordings and webcasts. Choose from over 160 scientific sessions or webcasts of selected sessions. Select individual sessions or money-saving packages. Review your options now.