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Internal Medicine Interest Group of the Month: New York University

The Internal Medicine Interest Group at New York University School of Medicine was founded in 2007. Since inception, our organization has been valued and appreciated by NYU medical students for providing relevant and reliable information regarding internal medicine and its subspecialties.

Our club leadership is composed exclusively of second year medical students. This structure arises from the fact that third and fourth year students at NYU are either hard at work on the wards or traveling across the country for residency interviews, while first years are still acclimating to life as a medical student. Therefore, we find that second year medical students are best equipped to run the organization. Nevertheless, we do begin our board transition in early March, thus permitting our second year leaders with more time to study for USMLE Step I. At that time we teach four selected first years how to effectively and efficiently manage the group and organize events. Our board positions include president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary.

This year we have many exciting events planned. In September we hosted “What is Primary Care?”, a panel workshop that served as an introduction to the field. The panel consisted of two attendings and two chief residents who gave an overview of primary care and answered students’ questions. This month we will be hosting “Internal Medicine and its Subspecialties.” At this event, a gastroenterologist, an infectious disease specialist, a cardiologist, and the chair of the department of medicine will speak about their respective fields. A Q&A session will follow, which will provide students the opportunity to learn more about the represented specialties. In the spring semester we will be organizing “Speed Dating Night.” A popular event last year, Speed Dating Night allows students the opportunity to meet and speak with different physicians in the department of medicine for five minutes each. On average, a medical student will introduce himself/herself to fifteen different physicians, ranging from internists to gastroenterologists to rheumatologists, and everything in between. Second dates are encouraged, though not required. Also in the spring semester we will be having Match Night. Fourth year students who recently matched in internal medicine residency programs will speak about the application process and provide helpful tips based on their personal experiences. This event is especially well received by third year students who are preparing to apply to residencies at that time.

The seamless planning of our events is primarily due to the dedication of our advisor, Dr. Jennifer Adams. Having an attending in the department of medicine as a mentor provides easy access to physicians who are sometimes difficult to reach. Furthermore, being an NYU Med alumnus herself, Dr. Adams invites physicians who she knows will be most engaging with medical students—something that surely contributes to the popularity of our events.

We do not currently collaborate with other IMIG chapters, but if groups in the tri-state area are interested, we would certainly be receptive to co-sponsoring events. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding leadership, events, or anything else IMIG-related.

Joshua Farhadian
New York University School of Medicine, 2012
Email: Joshua.farhadian@nyumc.org

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