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Internal Medicine Interest Group of the Month: Georgia Campus-Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Internal Medicine Club at the Georgia Campus-Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (GA-PCOM), founded in 2005, has become one of the largest and most active clubs on campus. This year is also the first year our Internal Medicine Club is sponsored by ACP. Currently, we have an executive board comprised of five second-year students (James Chang, President; Nat Palmer, Vice President; Peyton Moon, Secretary; Michele Cox, Treasurer; Ryan Swift, National Liaison). Daren Wannamaker, DO, FACOI, is our faculty advisor and we appreciate his guidance and dedication. The mission of our Internal Medicine Club is to provide educational opportunities to students interested in pursuing careers in internal medicine. The club not only aims to enhance the knowledge of the students but also promotes awareness of preventative care in the community with the hopes of achieving healthier lifestyles for the future.

The first activity of the year was held during week four of our first trimester. We had a very strong showing of first-year students who signed up to join our club during their orientation week as well as some second-year students. This lunch meeting introduced them to the club, highlighted upcoming events, provided information about ACP and ACOI mentoring programs, and highlighted ACP and ACOI membership. Dr. Wannamaker, our faculty advisor, also discussed internal medicine, internal medicine residency training, and what it means to be an internist.

Our second event of the year was a presentation by Medical College of Georgia’s Internal Medicine Residency Program. David Fallaw, MD, ACP Associate, who is a chief resident, visited our campus along with five other residents, to give a presentation on their residency program. Even though it may seem premature for first year students to be given a presentation about residency, this meeting provided a glimpse of what lies ahead of us. Some of our third year students were able to take a break from their clinical rotations and attend the meeting as well.

The most recent event was a volunteer event with Medshare International. Some of the members volunteered their time to sort, organize and package medical supplies that Medshare collected from different hospitals. These surplus medical supplies will be shipped to developing countries in need. This was a great opportunity for us to get familiar with some of the medical supplies we might be using in the future as well as volunteer for a great cause.

Our next two events are lunch meetings during National Primary Care Week, with a professor of internal medicine at Emory University and a local practicing nephrologist. In November, Internal Medicine Club will be hosting a mock practical for the first year primary care skills course. This event has been successfully hosted by our club in the past to help the first year students prepare for their actual practical exam. We try to make this event as similar to the actual exam by holding the event in the exam rooms. The chief complaint is given, and students have to perform a correct exam on the second year volunteers and write a SOAP note in a given time. The second year volunteers provide the first year students feedback on their performance.

Throughout this year, we plan to invite more internal medicine subspecialists from the community to give lunch talks on their subspecialties. We plan to have workshops later this year on topics such as interpreting EKGs, auscultation of the heart and lung sounds using Stan, the human patient simulator. We will have more community service events including a canned-food drive in the winter. We plan to attend the ACP Georgia Chapter Scientific Meeting in April. The last event of the year will be a match panel with some of the fourth year students. We will invite them to talk with the younger students about the match process, their rotation experiences, and information about the residency programs they are going into.

We look forward to continuing an already productive and exciting year. I would like to thank ACP for its support. Please e-mail me with any comments or suggestions for future events.

James Chang
President, Internal Medicine Club
Georgia Campus-Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2012
Email: jameschang82@gmail.com

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