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May 2008

Medical Student Perspectives: Living with a Chronic Illness During Medical School

As we go through medical school the amount of information we learn is spectacular. We learn about so many illnesses in books and then on the wards we apply this knowledge to the patient. The patient is the one who helps us incorporate all the information into a useful and memorable lesson. For some medical students, this lesson hits a little too close to home. Living with a chronic illness during medical school can be a difficult yet rewarding experience.


My Kind of Medicine: Real Lives of Practicing Internists: Kalpalatha Guntupalli, MD, MACP

Texas is a long way from Kay Guntupalli’s childhood home in Hyderabad, India, but there are certain things she has kept close to her heart since leaving years ago. The most significant of these were the memories of growing up with her sisters. As the youngest of five, she looked to her older sisters and brother for guidance and inspiration, so when all three of her sisters decided to pursue medicine as a career, she was quick to fall in line.


Internal Medicine Interest Group of the Month: UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School

Club Med, the Internal Medicine Interest Group at UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School, was founded in the spring of 2004 by Tony Tarchichi in his freshman year.


Winning Abstracts from the 2008 Medical Student Abstract Competition: Medical Hide and Seek...With A Twist!

Small Leukocytic Lymphoma/Chronic Leukocytic Leukemia (SLL/CLL) is a low grade lymphoma usually characterized by slow clinical progression. However, in patients with concurrent malignancy or who later develop another primary malignancy, the clinical progression of SLL/CLL can be somewhat unexpected.


Subspecialty Careers: Highlights about Careers in Internal Medicine: Sleep Medicine

Physicians who specialize in Sleep Medicine are trained to detect, treat, and prevent sleep disorders, such as jet lag, sleep walking, snoring, insomnia, and obstructive sleep apnea.


Advocacy Brief: Department of Education

The Department of Education has issued a "Dear Colleague" letter announcing an increase in the combined aggregate Stafford loan limit for certain health professions students (including medical students) from $189,125 to $224,000, effective immediately.


Did You Know You Have Access to the Physicians’ Information and Education Resource (PIER®)?

PIER is ACP’s electronic, web-based decision-support tool designed for rapid point of care delivery of up-to-date, evidence-based guidance.


ACP Launches an Online, Mobile Game based on the Popular ACP Doctor's Dilemma™ Competition

Test your knowledge in a variety of disciplines with this new online game based on the popular ACP Doctor's Dilemma™ Competition from the ACP's annual Internal Medicine meetings.


The College Issues Guideline for Screening for Osteoporosis in Men: View the latest ACP Internal Medicine Report

Osteoporosis is often viewed as a women's health issue, but few men are currently tested or diagnosed. Because of the aging population, a dramatic increase in osteoporosis among men is expected in the near future. New recommendations from ACP call for physicians to screen for osteoporosis in older men, especially those over the age of 65.


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