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Internal Medicine Interest Group of the Month: University of Hawaii

SOAP Note: John A. Burns School of Medicine Internal Medicine Interest Group

2006-2007 was an exciting inaugural year for the very first Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) at the University of Hawaii (UH) John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM), initiated with hopes of providing resources for current and future students interested in internal medicine. Since the start of the 2007-2008 year, IMIG has charged full speed ahead with the same momentum as the year before, with new officers, fresh ideas, and overflowing energy to maximize the growing potential of the interest group.

Since the start of the school year in July 2007, the IMIG has already coordinated several activities involving students, faculty, and community physicians. The group kicked off the year with recruiting new first-year medical students during the Student Activities Fair to join the IMIG and American College of Physicians (ACP). To this date, we are proud that 77% of the student body (200 students) are members of the ACP.

October was an exciting and busy month with several activities. The first activity was an EKG Workshop with cardiologist, ACP Master, and former ACP Hawaii Chapter Governor, Dr. Irwin Schatz that was well attended by MS1s and MS2s. The following week, neurologist Dr. Melvin Yee presented A National Geographic Tour of Neurology and Neurologic Diseases. The most successful event was the UH Internal Medicine Resident Panel Mixer held at the home of our UH Department of Medicine Chair. Current UH internal medicine residents shared their pearls of wisdom to an audience of eager MS3s and especially MS4s who are currently in the midst of applying to residency. Students were able to ask the residents not only about the UH residency program, but also about other residency programs, including their own experiences.

The most recent event was the Medicine Pau Hana II held at Canoes Restaurant in Waikiki in November that was co-sponsored by the ACP Hawaii Chapter, University of Hawaii Department of Medicine, and IMIG. The event was organized for students, residents, and practicing physicians to meet the national ACP leadership and delegates to the American Medical Association (AMA) who were attending a conference in Hawaii. At this meeting we heard local and national updates and had the opportunity to congratulate the former Dean of our medical school, Dr. Edwin Cadman, for his election to ACP Mastership. In addition, the event gave students and residents another chance to mingle and network with practicing physicians interested in participating in our developing “Medicine Mentorship Program.” An IMIG website was also created under the UH Department of Medicine website that provides, among other resources, a list of physicians willing to be preceptors and mentors for students.

The IMIG will welcome 2008 with the Annual Hawaii Chapter ACP Scientific Meeting on January 12, 2008 at the picturesque Ko’olau Country Club on the windward side of the island. Students and residents will have the opportunity to present their research as well as to hear about Current Hot Topics, including recent medical advances and local and national issues affecting internal medicine. Future events include a Careers in Internal Medicine panel of invited primary care physicians and subspecialty physicians and another panel with invited hospitalists and physicians practicing in the community.

JABSOM IMIG is a one-and-a-half-year-old interest group, nurtured under the guidance of elected student officers, class representatives, faculty advisor Dr. Laurie Tam, ACP Hawaii Chapter Governor Dr. Alvin Furuike, FACP, Governor’s Assistant Ms. Sharon Chun, UH Department of Medicine Chair Elizabeth Tam, FACP, and the ACP, that presents with endless energy, motivation, and determination to provide great opportunities for students interested in internal medicine. Its prognosis is excellent, with great events planned and the class of 2008 boasting as many as a third of the MS4s applying for categorical residency positions in internal medicine.

It is the hope of the elected student officers to build on the foundation of IMIG and to continue to provide opportunities for UH students to become further involved and fall in love with the field of internal medicine.

Angelina A. Amian
Secretary, Internal Medicine Interest Group
John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii
Class of 2008
E-mail: amian@hawaii.edu

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