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Internal Medicine Interest Group of the Month: Drexel University

The Drexel Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) has been an active organization at Drexel University for many years. Today it remains one of the largest and most successful groups at Drexel. The goal of the IMIG is to provide both informational and experience-based opportunities to students who are interested in the field of internal medicine. Throughout the year we organize meetings that provide a better picture of what the field of internal medicine entails, not just the well-known subspecialties such as cardiology and pulmonary medicine, but also the lesser-known subspecialties such as endocrinology, infectious diseases, and geriatric medicine. In addition, we have had a lot of success in developing a mentoring program that allows students opportunities to shadow doctors in our affiliated hospitals. These opportunities are especially rewarding for first and second-year students who can use these experiences to bridge the gap between what they study in their textbooks and what they want to do in the clinical world. We also hold discussion sessions on a range of topics. One of the most interesting of these discussions is the surgery vs. medicine debate, consisting of a panel of doctors weighing in with their opinions. Our meetings also focus on informing students about available research opportunities and providing advice on how to successfully navigate the match process.

The key to the success of the IMIG at Drexel has revolved around having motivated, enthusiastic, and inquisitive students. In addition, the Pennsylvania ACP Chapter has been invaluable to our organization in both providing resources and information. We work closely with the Chapter, which has a large student membership, thereby keeping students involved. Student representatives also, when schedules permit, attend Pennsylvania Chapter Council meetings and help provide a different perspective in discussions, especially those pertaining to escalating costs of education. The local ACP Chapter leaders also participate in our informational meetings to give a broad view of current issues that face aspiring doctors. The Pennsylvania ACP Chapter helps us organize small focus group sessions. These sessions consist of twenty students who meet with doctors from a specific subspecialty field for dinner. These informal, smaller group meetings allow students to ask questions and receive advice from doctors in the subspecialty in which they are interested.

So far this year we have participated in the Drexel University Activity Fair, where we increased awareness and exposure of our club. We used a variety of props to generate interest. For example, we had a mannequin that allowed students to practice inserting a central line. In addition, we raffled off several items including a new stethoscope. This was also an opportunity for us to increase ACP Medical Student Membership. We recently had our first IMIG meeting, which focused on clarifying for medical students what internal medicine really is. With the help of the local ACP Chapter, we invited doctors in primary care, infectious disease, gastroenterology, nephrology, and cardiology to speak to the IMIG about their experiences in medicine.

Darren Wong dww34@drexel.edu and Lance Hale lh54@drexel.edu
Co-Presidents of the Drexel Internal Medicine Interest Group
Drexel University School of Medicine, Class of 2010

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