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Internal Medicine Interest Group of the Month: Stanford University


At the Stanford University School of Medicine, the Stanford Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) is entering a new stage. Having restarted our group 18 months ago, we enjoy the enthusiastic support of faculty, staff, and residents who have shared their experiences about internal medicine with students exploring future careers. The ACP at both the regional and national levels has been important in helping us during this development. Our student membership and participation have increased within the past year with more room yet to grow.

The Stanford IMIG has its roots together with The Shenson Society, a school organization which honors the memory of two medical graduates from Stanford, Drs. Ben and A. Jess Shenson. The Shenson brothers between them practiced a combined total of over 100 years of medicine in San Francisco. In addition to their many accomplishments in their profession, the Shensons always placed a special emphasis on providing medical students with new opportunities for learning about internal medicine as a career. The Shenson family and their generosity continues to inspire us all to build even more elements into the medical education experience.

Our current group of student members has worked closely with a very active group of faculty mentors and advisors. Drs. Kelley Skeff, Ted Harris, Greg Engel, Rex Chiu, and others have helped us every step along our group’s growth process, and we are experiencing an increasing momentum due to a large group of energetic faculty excited about interacting with students. Our interest group has hosted evening dinner and discussion events, where students and faculty can exchange ideas and personal experiences about several topic areas. Topics have included the many career paths of internal medicine, the combination of research with clinical care, generalists and specialists, career balancing with family, and the lifelong knowledge sphere of teachers as learners and learners as teachers. Our medical students have also participated in other special events, such as opportunities to meet with Shenson Professors Dr. Fred Lopez and Dr. Michele Barry and opportunities to participate in a Science at Stanford lecture series featuring innovation and medicine.

On a regional level, our group is establishing connections with our wider community. With the help of our ACP Northern California Chapter Governor, Dr. Molly Cooke, we are building new networks and bringing together the members of the regional IMIGs of University of California, San Francisco and University of California, Davis, as well as reaching out to other schools and hospitals in the Northern California region who are serving diverse communities. Our participation at local chapter and national level ACP meeting events has provided valuable forums for us to interact with fellow students and colleagues.

It is an exciting time for medicine. We look forward to creating new and unique experiences in our medical education. By learning from each other and exchanging ideas among people at all career levels and training backgrounds, the Stanford IMIG enjoys the exploration of the field of internal medicine both from its traditions and its future.

Ryan K. Louie
Stanford Internal Medicine Interest Group
Stanford University School of Medicine, 2009

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