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May 2007

Medical Student Perspectives: Cultural Differences and Considerations When Working with Hispanic Patients

The American College of Physicians has been an early proponent of the need for cultural competency, as reflected by its 2003 position paper, “Race and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care.” The Hispanic population is the fastest growing racial group in the U.S., with a projected 25% of the U.S. population being Hispanic by 2050, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2000 report.


My Kind of Medicine: Real Lives of Practicing Internists: Charles Hamori, MD

Dr. Charles Hamori has attended live performances of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony at least four times that he can recall, the most recent of which was at the Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego, California.


Internal Medicine Interest Group of the Month: Mercer University

The Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) at Mercer University School of Medicine has gained in popularity over the past few years. The level of interest has risen due to the wide variety of speakers and their ability to tap into the relevant questions of the first and second year students.


Winning Abstracts from the 2007 Medical Student Abstract Competition: Distribution of Total Body Water in Acutely Ill Elderly Patients

Multifrequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (MBIA) is used in clinical settings to estimate body composition and interstitial and extracellular water compartments. The objective of this study is to validate MBIA as a clinically useful tool for the measurement of total body weight (TBW) and lean body mass in critically ill patients.


Subspecialty Careers: Highlights about Careers in Internal Medicine: Nephrology

The word nephrology comes from the word nephros, the Greek word for kidney. Nephrology involves the diagnosis and management of diseases of the kidneys, the contiguous collecting system, and the associated vasculature.


Advocacy Briefs: ACP Endorses Medical Education Affordability Act

On March 28, 2007, ACP endorsed the "Medical Education Affordability Act" (S.1066). The bill, introduced by Senator Christopher Dodd (Democrat–Connecticut) on March 29 and co-sponsored by Senators John Kerry (Democrat–Massachusetts), Richard Durbin (Democrat–Illinois), and Russ Feingold (Democrat–Wisconsin), would allow physicians to defer repayment of their student loans while they complete their medical training.


Internal Medicine Residency Program Fast Facts

Greenville Hospital System, Creighton University, and Oregon Health & Science University.


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