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Internal Medicine Interest Group of the Month: Texas A&M College of Medicine


The foundation for the Texas A&M College of Medicine’s Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) is provided by excellent student leadership and supported by knowledgeable faculty sponsorship. The students leading the way are John Reneau (MSI Representative), Dylan Medley (MSII Co-President), David Pham (MSII Co-President), Sarah Jordan (MSIII Representative), and Anisha Arora (MSIV Representative). Our faculty sponsor, Richard Dusold, MD, FACP, shows his dedication to the students and the field of internal medicine through his interactions in the community, the clinic and the classroom.

The 2006-2007 year kicked off with an introductory lunch meeting where first and second year students were exposed to the numerous possibilities for careers in internal medicine. The faculty and students led presentations that described general medicine and the numerous subspecialty career paths within the field. Student recruitment was also a priority during the meeting and 80 new ACP members were recruited during the fall semester. This meeting was followed by an exciting basic life support class performed by certified instructors from the American Heart Association. During this educational class, students learned the valuable life saving tools of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the automated external defibrillator. Students obtained provider certification cards upon completion of the class.

In October, the Texas Academy of Internal Medicine (TAIM) held their annual conference in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. One of the student events held during the conference was a clinical vignette competition where students were encouraged to submit a presentation of an interesting case they experienced during the course of their clinical education. The Texas A&M College of Medicine’s own Rebecca Pierce, class of 2007, received first place in the competition for her presentation entitled “Bloody Snake,” which discussed the challenges of complex thromboembolic disease.

The spring semester began with a recruitment meeting for the TAIM General Internal Medicine Statewide Preceptorship Program (GIMSPP). The focus of the program is to offer first year students the chance to “shadow” internal medicine doctors throughout the state on a daily basis during their summer break. This is an outstanding, hands-on approach for students to experience the daily clinical life of an internal medicine physician. The IMIG also organized the First Annual Armadillo Dash benefiting Scotty’s House, a local center for abused and neglected children. The IMIG enticed students to participate in the race by designing a T-shirt to show their support for the organization. In addition, the IMIG organized a school donation to the charity, which was graciously matched by our faculty sponsor, Dr. Dusold.

With the USMLE Step 1 Exam around the corner, Dr. Dusold has started holding lunch review sessions for the second year class. During these reviews, students revisit material they have already learned in the USMLE exam format. These reviews have proved helpful in reinforcing the material and aiding students in adjusting to the testing style of the exam. The Texas A&M College of Medicine IMIG purpose is to introduce the world of internal medicine and its countless possibilities to students. During the year, meetings are designed to spark students’ interests and provide an education in the field of internal medicine. Exposure is gained in university and community settings as students interact with many practicing physicians in the area. Through these activities we hope to attract students to a rewarding and exciting career in internal medicine.

Dylan Medley and David Pham, IMIG Co-Presidents
Texas A&M College of Medicine, Class 2009

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