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Internal Medicine Interest Group of the Month: Louisiana State University, New Orleans


The Edgar Hull Society, the internal medicine interest group at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC) School of Medicine in New Orleans, is glad to be back in the city after a rough year. Our medical school spent its post-Katrina days dispersed. The first and second year medical students were displaced to a research center in Baton Rouge while the third and fourth year students spent last year in the clinics of neighboring cities. LSU is proud to mark the advent of the 2006-2007 school year with the first and second year medical students back in their own classrooms in New Orleans. While our own University Hospital is not yet open, the New Orleans community hospitals have absorbed our Charity Hospital patients along with our medical students. Upperclassmen are still rotating through hospitals in neighboring cities, but as the patient base is moving back to New Orleans, the LSUHSC clinical experience is reestablishing a greater position in the city. The Edgar Hull Society has adjusted to these changes as well and has begun this year on a note representative of our legacy.

Our internal medicine interest group was established in 1999 and was named the Edgar Hull Society (EHS) to honor the late Dr. Edgar Hull, past chairman of LSU’s Department of Medicine and renowned physician. Since its inception, the EHS has grown tremendously and now occupies a place among the largest campus organizations. Currently, large monthly meetings are held each semester in which various speakers discuss their experiences in the field of internal medicine or specialties. Past meetings have covered topics including general internal medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology, student research opportunities, and case presentations that bring the “Morning Report” experience to first and second year students. In addition, the EHS coordinates an annual party, “A Taste of New Orleans,” for senior and junior medical students who intend to pursue internal medicine residencies. The party is hosted by Charles Sanders, MD, MACP, Edgar Hull Professor and Chairman of the Department of Medicine, and his wife, Julia. The EHS has also been engaged in helping its community. In the past, members presented health-related topics to residents of the Brantley House, a homeless shelter in New Orleans. Since shelters have been forced to take on a larger load of homeless citizens, the EHS expanded this program to include visits to more homeless shelters.

Last year, the EHS earned the honor of becoming part of the 2005-2006 Forty Percent Medical School Awards Program sponsored by ACP. LSUHSC, New Orleans was ranked third in the nation with sixty percent of its student body maintaining membership in ACP for the 2005-2006 academic year. In fact, our group has earned ACP recognition every year for the past six years. Our Department of Medicine will be hosting the Louisiana ACP Annual Scientific Meeting in January 2007. All of our students are strongly encouraged to submit abstracts to the local and national ACP abstract competitions and abstract writing workshops are offered to all EHS members. Out of the highest ranked abstracts presented at the Louisiana ACP Annual Scientific Meeting last year as part of the Louisiana ACP Associates Program, three belonged to LSU medical students.

The EHS owes its success to a very supportive Internal Medicine Department and to the club advisors, Charles Sanders, MD, MACP, and Fred Lopez, MD, FACP. The EHS and the university as a whole persevered last year despite the disadvantages, and wish to continue improving and moving forward this year.

Clifford Courville and Sarah Jolley
Edgar Hull Society Co-Presidents
University of Louisiana School of Medicine, New Orleans

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