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Internal Medicine Interest Group of the Month: University of Missouri, Columbia School of Medicine


These are exciting times for the Association of Student Internists at the University of Missouri- Columbia! The 2005-2006 school year was very beneficial for our students. Our organization provided quarterly meetings to nearly seventy members on popular student-centered topics such as “Life as a Resident,” and “Opportunities in Internal Medicine.” Departmental support helped sponsor these meetings, as well as to fund student travel to conferences. Thanks to their financial support, 10 students were able to represent our school at the national ACP conference in April 2006.

The 2006-2007 year will offer many new exciting prospects. We look forward to our members collaborating with faculty and residents in the areas of research and case reviews. In addition to our quarterly meetings and brown-bag lunches, members can participate in new community outreach opportunities. Students are eager to attend the Missouri ACP Chapter Scientific Meeting in September 2006. Plans are also being made to attend Internal Medicine 2007, the national ACP scientific conference, in San Diego this coming April. With such strong membership and departmental support, the University of Missouri-Columbia chapter anticipates a productive and exciting year.

Students of University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine at the 2006 ACP conference in Philadelphia. (From left to right) Sarah Smitherman; Craig Karpman; Marina Litvin; Brian Fuller; Kerry Massman; Ben Morrison; Phil Hart; Zach Hugo; Laura Hesemann; Jason Pettus.

Congratulations to 2005-2006 Winners of the 40% Medical School Awards Program!


Fifteen schools were awarded Certificates of Merit for having high overall Medical Student Membership in the ACP. This award was given to all schools whose Medical Student Membership met or exceeded 40% of the total student body for the entire membership year, which began July 1, 2005 and ended June 30, 2006. Schools that attained this membership threshold include:

University of Hawaii (77.2%)
Virginia Commonwealth University (73.4%)
Louisiana State University, New Orleans (60%)
Creighton University (56.7%)
Florida State University (53.2%)
University of Utah (48.3%)
Mercer University (44.9%)
University of Mississippi (43.8%)
University of Vermont (42.4%)
University of California, Davis (42.1%)
University of North Texas (41.7%)
University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ, Stratford (40.1%)
University of California, Irvine (40%)
Memorial University of Newfoundland (40%)
Oregon Health Sciences University (40%)

Congratulations to these schools for their high level of involvement with the ACP! For having the highest overall percentages of Medical Student Membership, University of Hawaii was awarded $300 and Virginia Commonwealth University was awarded $200 in support of internal medicine interest group activities. For information about the Medical School Awards Program, please contact Patty Moore, Medical Student Coordinator, by e-mail at pmoore@acponline.org.

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