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MKSAP 17 Tracker

As an enhancement to MKSAP 17 Digital, the MKSAP 17 Tracker will enable educators to assess the learning progress of their residents through their residents’ use of the MKSAP 17 Digital program.

The MKSAP 17 Tracker will also serve as a source of documentation of resident performance and reporting on attributes of the Medical Knowledge competency. Tracking capabilities will be available to assigned educators from participating institutions for all residents who are subscribed to MKSAP 17 Digital or use the digital format of MKSAP 17 Complete.

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Designated educators serving in the monitoring/administrator’s role from participating programs will be able to:

  • Invite residents to participate in the tool
  • Create groups of invited residents, presumably by PGY category
  • Create customized or randomized MCQ assignments
  • View reports, including progress and proficiency in answering questions, for customized assignments, at the individual resident and group level
  • View reports, including progress and proficiency in answering questions, for use of the 11 MKSAP 17 sections, at the individual resident and group level
  • Compare proficiency of residents within groups

Participating residents will receive notifications within MKSAP 17 Digital of new assignments.

User Roles

Two types of user roles will be available within the MKSAP 17 Tracker:


Individuals from your institution, such as educators or administrators, will serve in the “monitoring/administrative” role.

In the monitoring/administrative role, individuals can create groups, invite residents to participate, make assignments, and view progress reports. They will also be able to view question content through the tool. Individuals from your institution who might fulfill these roles include the Program Director, Assistant Program Director, Chief Resident, other faculty, Program Administrator/coordinator, or whomever else you assign in an educator’s role. More than one individual can be assigned to serve in the monitoring/administrative role.

MKSAP 17 Digital or Complete subscribers or nonsubscribers have access to the MKSAP 17 Tracker application when serving in a monitoring/administrative role. However, nonsubscribers of MKSAP 17 Digital or Complete will NOT have access to MKSAP 17 Digital or Complete – only the capabilities included within MKSAP 17 Tracker application.


Residents who are subscribers to MKSAP 17 Digital or MKSAP 17 Complete can participate in their residency program’s use of the MKSAP 17 Tracker application.

In this role, residents can accept invitations from those in the monitoring/administrative roles to participate in the MKSAP 17 Tracker. Residents’ participation will allow them to receive MCQ assignments and allow those in the monitoring role the ability to view their progress in completing assignments or answering MKSAP 17 questions.

MKSAP 17 Account Sharing Prohibited

MKSAP 17 Digital is designed for individual use as per the MKSAP 17 Digital End-User License Agreement. Sharing of usernames and passwords violates this agreement.

Sharing of usernames or passwords among those serve in a monitoring/administrative role jeopardizes the privacy of residents, whose MKSAP 17 performance status is contained within the tracking tool. MKSAP 17 Digital or Complete subscribers participating in MKSAP 17 Tracker will use their ACP username and password to access the tool. Individuals participating in MKSAP 17 Tracker who are not MKSAP 17 Complete or MKSAP 17 Digital Subscribers and serve in a monitoring/administrative role will be given unique usernames and passwords to access the tool.

Residents who share their MKSAP 17 username and password nullify the validity of the data reported through MKSAP 17 tracker because accounts that are shared no longer reflect individual residents’ progress.

How To Sign Up for MKSAP 17 Tracker

For Program Directors and Program Administrators/Coordinators:

  1. Using the MKSAP 17 Tracker sign-up form, sign up your program by listing the name, e-mail address, and ACP number (if available) for up to 3 individuals who will serve as monitors (e.g., Program Directors, Administrators, etc.) – NOT YOUR RESIDENTS.
  2. Once you have submitted your form, your residents’ data will be uploaded into MKSAP 17 Tracker, and we will send you a link to access MKSAP 17 Tracker. 
  3. After your residents’ names appear within MKSAP 17 Tracker, you will need to send them each an invitation to participate in the tool by copying the invitation link within MKSAP 17 tracker and sending it to each resident.
  4. Once your residents have accepted the invitation to participate, you will be able to view and monitor their MKSAP 17 progress through MKSAP 17 Tracker.

To sign up your residency program for MKSAP 17 Tracker, please fill out this form.