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ABIM MOC Exam Prep Resources

ACP offers a wide variety of exam preparation resources to help you pass the boards and study for the MOC Exam.

Live Courses

ACP’s MOC exam review courses prepare you to pass the certification exam by focusing on new advances and developments in Internal Medicine from the past 10 years. Our courses are taught by expert clinician-educators and provide a thorough review.

ACP’s MOC Exam Prep Course Schedule

ACP's Internal Medicine board certification courses are offered throughout the United States. Courses are taught by a team of expert clinician-educators and focus on test taking skills and strategies to help you pass the boards.

ACP's IMBR Course Schedule


Study on your own time and at your own pace with recordings a live course. Formats include on-demand, video and audio interactive course recordings, print and digital self-assessment programs, online image-based ABIM exam prep, and more. Study for the boards with ACP's multifaceted, self-study program, ACP Board Prep Ace: Certification; busy practitioners getting ready to take the ABIM MOC Exam will want to prep with ACP's MOC Exam Prep course recordings.

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ACP Digital Flashcards

The flashcards are available free to Internal Medicine Board Review and MOC Exam Prep Course attendees and purchasers of the Board Prep Ace Course recordings. You get over 200 flashcards across 16 categories.

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Over 94% of Internal Medicine residents use MKSAP to prepare for the medical Boards. With 1,200 new exam-like questions, well-researched content in 11 specialty areas, and exam-prep tools such as custom quizzes and timed online exams for a simulated board experience, MKSAP s the one resource you need to identify knowledge gaps and guarantee your preparation.

Board Basics

Rely on this 350-page book and digital app when you need an intense review as you get closer to your exam day. This ABIM Board-review digest includes abbreviated case histories, study tables, key takeaways, plus the "Don't be Tricked" feature that shows incorrect answers that masquerade as correct choices. ACP Resident/Fellow members receive Board Basics FREE with any purchase of MKSAP 17.

Board Basics