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Stay Current with ACP Smart Medicine

By Deborah Korenstein, MD, FACP

As new guidelines are released, the editors of ACP Smart Medicine incorporate them into all of the applicable modules to ensure you have access to the most up-to-date clinical recommendations.

Battling blood pressure guidelines – two new guidelines, released in late 2013/early 2014

Two new guidelines regarding the management of hypertension: one from the JNC-8 panel members and one from the AHA, ACC, and CDC. The guidelines generally agreed that 140/90 mm Hg is reasonable for most patients and that thiazides, CCBs, ACE-inhibitors, and ARBs should be first-line agents. However, the guidelines disagreed about a number of issues.

Review updated therapy recommendations in ACP Smart Medicine’s Essential Hypertension.

Cholesterol confusion

The long-awaited new guideline for cholesterol treatment was released in late 2013 by the ACC/AHA, but it may have created more problems than it solved. It recommended a new, and likely flawed, risk assessment tool and proposed using a risk-based, rather than goal-LDL-based, treatment paradigm. ACP Smart Medicine has incorporated these new guidelines into our treatment recommendations. To find order in the confusion review our recommendations.

Sensible screening for Hepatitis C

In January 2014, the AASLD and IDSA released new guidelines for screening for HCV, which birth-cohort screening as well as screening of other high-risk groups. View the new recommendations and compare them to other U.S. and international guidelines with ACP Smart Medicine’s updated comparative guideline table.

ACP Smart Medicine® Updates

ACP Smart Medicine continually updates modules as new practice-changing guidelines and recommendations are released.

Third Quarter 2014