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Annals Back File Rates

Please note that all rates below are for 2014. If you wish to begin in 2015, email to obtain a 2015 price for a Back Files Purchase.

Increase the scope and volume of material for your patrons - while preserving valuable shelf space

Scope and Value of Back Files

The Annals Back Files collection encompasses the full text of articles from 1927 to 1992. Should your institution not require the full file, a partial file (1966-1992) can be purchased. The digitizing of the Annals Back Files collection is an important under-taking that has numerous benefits for information professionals and patrons. Important studies that have not been available electronically are now readily accessible online at*.

Patrons will find articles on a variety of issues that were important in the development of internal medicine, such as health policy and economics, infectious diseases, cardiology, rheumatology, and more. The expanded back file archive makes it possible to view significant findings of the past along with the newest studies from Annals of Internal Medicine. It serves as a valuable enhancement to your existing Annals subscription.

A Seamless Experience for your Patrons

The service is straightforward and intuitive. The Annals Back Files is provided through the website and the Silverchair functionality is identical with that used for the current files.

The resolution of the content is optimized for Web download on, and is the same quality as the current issues' PDFs that are on


  • Counter-compliant user statistics make it easier for you to track interest in content.

  • Fully-searchable high-resolution PDFs.

  • Fully-searchable HTML abstracts and metadata HTML "landing pages" that will display the article citation, abstract, and all references.

  • HTML reference linking.

  • Toll-free interjournal linking to other journals hosted by Silverchair.

  • High-resolution PDFs for print-on-demand purposes.

2014 Annals of Internal Medicine Back Files Rates

See Tier descriptions below price table. Email with any queries.

Option 1
Tier 1 $4,992
Tier 2 $7,739
Tier 3 $9,612
Tier 4 $12,614
Not Tiered (Contact for Pricing) -
Option 2
Partial 1966-1992 BACK FILES
Tier 1 $2,496
Tier 2 $3,924
Tier 3 $4,752
Tier 4 $6,254
Not Tiered (Contact for Pricing) -

The purchaser will be required to pay a yearly maintenance fee after the first year. For example, the 2014 yearly maintenance fee is $199.00.

The American College of Physicians reserves the right to review the tier allocation.

Back Files Tier Descriptions

Tier 1

Academic institutions offering associates/baccalaureate/masters degrees without a medical school; academic institutions offering non-health-related doctoral degrees. independent health professional schools other than medical schools; state and local government departments and agencies, excluding state-owned hospitals and hospital systems; charitable or nonprofit organizations not affiliated with a university or national government organization; nonprofit research facility or institute with up to 300 employees
Single hospitals with up to 500 beds; regional health care systems with 1 hospital

Tier 2 Academic
Academic institutions with 1 medical school and 0 to 5 teaching hospitals or with health-related doctoral degrees; nonprofit individual research institutes with 301-800 employees
Single hospitals with more than 500 beds; health care systems with 2 to 5 hospitals

Tier 3 Academic/Government
Academic institutions with 1 medical school and 6 to 10 teaching hospitals; individual research institutes with 801-1200 employees; national government department, excluding hospitals and health care systems; global and multinational health organizations, excluding hospitals and health systems;
Health care systems with 6 to 10 hospitals

Tier 4 Academic
Academic institutions with 1 medical school and 11 or more teaching hospitals; individual research institutes with 1201-2000 employees; for-profit companies with up to 2000 employees
Health care systems with 11-15 hospitals

Not Tiered (Contact For Pricing)
Academic institutions with more than 1 medical school; for-profit companies with more than 2000 employees; health care systems with more than 15 hospitals