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High Value Care Donation Contributors

Special thanks to the following physicians who donated to the High Value Care initiative.

  • Robert C. Aber, MD, MACP
  • Mary Ann S. Antonelli, MD, FACP
  • Mark K. Belknap, MD, FACP
  • David L. Bronson, MD, MACP
  • Chester Choi, MD, MACP
  • Douglas M. DeLong, MD, FACP
  • Jack Ende, MD, MACP
  • S. Clark Fincher, MD, FACP
  • Robert A. Gluckman, MD, MACP
  • William E. Golden, MD, MACP
  • Jeffrey P. Harris, MD, MACP
  • Virginia L. Hood, MBBS, MPH, MACP
  • Evan M. Klass, MD, FACP
  • Joel S. Levine, MD, MACP
  • Robert H. Lohr, MD, FACP
  • Mary M. Newman, MD, MACP
  • Sara L. Rusch, MD, MACP
  • Donna P. Seminara, MD, FACP
  • Ranita Sharma, MD, FACP
  • M. Boyd Shook, MD, MACP
  • Robert B. Slease, MD, FACP
  • Sara L. Wallach, MD, FACP