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State-Specific Resources for ACA Enrollment

Open enrollment for 2018 begins November 1, 2017 and ends December 15, 2017 for states using the federal marketplace.

Choose your state below and get a brief review of the coverage programs and resources to find out more.

The Patient Enrollment Guides for each state (see list and links below) were designed for physicians to distribute to their patients to help them enroll in the marketplaces. Because the guides include direct links to web resources that can help them with enrollment, the patient enrollment guides will be most useful if distributed as an electronic document with live links, such as by posting it as a link on your practice's website, rather than as a paper document. It may be printed by you as a PDF paper version, though. Also, some of the links in the patient enrollment guide may not be optimized for viewing on smartphones and other mobile devices and instead are best viewed on a desktop, laptop, notebook or table computer.