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State of the Nation's Health Care: Archive

Archived Issues

  • State of the Nation's Health Care 2014: ACP recommends next steps to reduce barriers to access and reform Medicare physician payments. (11-Feb-2014)
  • State of the Nation's Health Care 2013: ACP calls for continued improvement in the health care system to expand coverage and reduce unnecessary costs, and the elimination of government interference in the patient-physician relationship. (20-Feb-2013)
  • State of the Nation's Health Care 2012: ACP tells Congress that the across-the-board cuts called for in 2011's budget deal needed to be replaced with a framework that would gain health care savings while preserving funding for critical programs. (26-Jan-2012)
  • State of the Nation's Health Care 2011: ACP Challenges Congress to Find 'Common Ground' to Address 'Unprecedented Crisis in our Health Care System' (27-Jan-11)
  • State of the Nation's Health Care 2010: ACP Says America's Health Care System is in State of Decline: President Obama and Congress Urgently Need to Move Forward on Essential Reforms (17-Feb-10)

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This library is a collection of ACP's Clinical Guidelines, Ethical Guidelines, Policy Statements, and copies of testimony and letters to government and non-government officials.

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