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Theory and Practice of Teaching Medicine

Theory and Practice of Teaching Medicine Cover

Jack Ende, MD, MACP

Medical teaching--formal and informal, preclinical and clinical, planned and impromptu--is complex. Physician-teachers must be concerned with meeting the needs of the learner while providing effective care for the patient.

A special section, "Memorable Moments in Teaching and Learning," shares poignant anecdotes and personal stories of the power, joy, and humanity of teaching medicine from 22 colleagues in the field of internal medicine.

Theory and Practice of Teaching Medicine may be purchased online from the American College of Physicians.

Offering the insight and experience of dedicated medical educators, Theory and Practice of Medicine includes:

  • Practical applications of learning theories to better meet learners' needs
  • Characteristics of successful medical teachers
  • Approaches to developing faculty and improving clinical teaching
  • Vignettes addressing specific clinical teaching challenges
  • Resources and literature for medical teachers to enhance their knowledge