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Complementary and Alternative Medicine cover

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Edited by Bradly Jacobs, MD, MPH and Katherine Gundling, MD, FACP

The comprehensive, evidence-based analyses physicians need to counsel patients about complementary and alternative medical therapies and to integrate these techniques into their own practices!

Complementary and Alternative Medicine may be purchased online from the American College of Physicians.


Chapter 1. Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Definitions and Patterns of Use

Chapter 2. The Clinical Encounter

Chapter 3. Allergic Disorders

Chapter 4. Asthma

Chapter 5. Cancer

Chapter 6. General Medicine

Chapter 7. Gastrointestinal Health

Chapter 8. Coronary Heart Disease

Chapter 9. Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Chapter 10. Men's Health

Chapter 11. Women's Health

Chapter 12. Musculoskeletal Disorders

Chapter 13. Obesity and Overweight:A Review of Dietary Supplements

Chapter 14. Depression

Chapter 15. Drug-Supplement Interactions: The Good, The Bad and The Undetermined

Appendix A

The information included herein should never be used as a substitute for clinical judgment and does not represent an official position of ACP.