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Free Patient Education Brochures for ACP Members

New patient education brochures about diabetes, stroke, asthma and other topics are available free to ACP members. Designed to clearly explain the disease, treatment options and management details to patients, the brochures also will raise awareness about diseases that internists commonly treat. A total of nine topics will be released. Each brochure explains the role of the internist and includes the URL to the ACP Doctors for AdultsŪ Web site.

The brochures include ACP scientific guidelines when appropriate and furnish additional references to trusted sources both in print and on the Web. The content of each brochure has been reviewed and approved by ACP Scientific Policy staff.

Bundled in packs of 100, the brochures can be distributed in the office waiting room or handed to patients in the exam room. No pharmaceutical advertising is included in the brochures, but cost for development, printing and distribution has been underwritten by unrestricted educational grants from leading pharmaceutical companies.

To order:
By phone call 866-439-9857, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., EST
Or Online.

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Page updated: 04-15-05